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Could someone please explain what "locked" and "unlocked" means. Thanks!

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If it's CPUs he's curious about than Locked CPUs are not overclockable but Unlocked CPU can be overclocked. Overclocking where you push the clock speed of your CPU to beyond its standard limit, pushing it to be faster. If you want to overclock and you're on the Intel platform than you should get a z170/z270 motherboard as the h170/h270/h110/h210 boards can't overclock.
...with regards to what? Intel CPUs? Cell phones? Door locks?
Oh, ok. I think that refers to whether or not the lowest price for the drop has been achieved by meeting the sales quota. So if a drop needs 100 units sold to get the lowest price and 100 orders are placed, the lowest price is then "unlocked."
It's like achievements in a way, where the reward for buying more stuff you totally don't need is you pay slightly less money lol
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