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Classic Casio Watches

I'm not sure if it's just me, but I have a fondness for classic squarish Casio watches. The retro design is a throwback, and works with casual dress well. Something that bothers me about watches is how bulky and showy they can be, not to mention how uncomfortable they are to wear for extended periods of time. After you wear a classic Casio for little while, you barely register that it's even on your wrist, however it's still there when you need it
Regarding EDC use, I rarely use more features than the obvious time and date, and occasionally the stopwatch, timer, and alarm. I see no need for extravagant functionality such as step count, calories burned, heart rate, barometer, altimeter, compass, and extraneous features most people never use on a daily basis. Even if you do need this data, odds are there are much more accurate tools available, and you've got your phone nearby. Last but never least, water resistance varies from model to model, but all are at the very least water resistant, which covers most everyday activities like hand washing, showering, rain, etc. Plenty more models have more comprehensive water resistance up to 200 meters, at which point you've got bigger things to worry about than your watch.
I've had several watches made by Casio over the years, from G-Shocks to analog, and I can say with certainty they hold up well to the stress of everyday use and remain unobtrusive (unless you're wearing a massive G-Shock). I'd love to see some styles added for purchase and maybe a Massdrop classic collaboration.
Maybe it's time to take a step back in time. Pun intended.
The model on my wrist is the F91W. It claims to be plain 'ol "water resistant" but I've taken it rafting and swimming with no damage as far as I can tell.
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Casio club! Mine is a bit dirty and beat up from all its adventures.
It's definitely not just you. Nearly all the guys in my country get it to serve them during their 2 years of conscript service, due to their simple functionality and reliability. I got one myself, but unfortunately the strap snapped in action. On the bright side, due to its ubiquity (and by a stroke of fortune), I was able to pick 2 more off the ground right after that XD
I take it you served in the IDF?
Nope! Respect those guys though. Met some of them before- really intelligent people :)
Casio has some iconic watches. The classic square g-shock (DW5600) is my personal favorite travel and fieldwork watch. I find myself looking at those very 1980's gold and silvertone F-91W's anytime I pass the rack in the store.
A collab could be very cool.
I've got the got the more rounded G-Shocks (GW6900-1), which I wear for serious outdoors stuff like backpacking, camping, cliff jumping, along with other activities like rafting where I need a timepiece that can actively take punishment, but I'd love to trade it in for your model. The bezels and raised bump for the illumination button really make it uncomfortable to wear with long sleeves on, and even alone for longer periods of time.
Regarding the gold models, I love the look of those too, and I imagine their niche to be somewhat casual attire.
My battered old G-Shock.