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Drop Idea: Anything From Mission Workshop

I bought my messenger bag from those guys ( years ago, and it's nearly indestructible. Their gear is quite expensive, so they're the perfect candidate for a drop.


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Yes please! MW formed from some of Chrome Industries staff leaving to set it up. Chrome Citizen bag I have had for years and it's still going strong! I would really like to try some MW kit.
I have an Orion jacket and Rambler backpack. The backpack hugs the back really well for riding and expands to carry a lot of stuff - could use it for a quick overnight trip. I've traveled all over the globe with the Orion - looks good as casual work wear but strong enough to take on an expedition, waterproof, stain-proof, comfortable, breathable, packable, good for cold wet days with proper layering - so versatile.
Yes please!!
YES! I support this 100%
I'd add that their signal pant is amazing too!!
I’ve had a messenger bag from them for several years and it’s by far the most sturdy, well-made item I’ve ever owned. Seriously.
The bags are amazing, since i own 2 of them I would love one of the lightweight jackets which I also tried and they feel niceeeeee. But first bags. For the greater good :)
Thats a great suggestion. I'll reach out. What do you like about the bag and anything you'd like to modify?
It's pretty damn near indestructible, it survived 5 years of Canadian winter mass transit, kept my stuff dry after a natural summer shower that got me wet to the bone, and I don't think I've washed the thing more than twice. It's pretty good engineering overall, the only caveat is that it's a bit hard to access the largest compartment while wearing it, and that the secondary strap uses a conventional trident clip which, while still solid for its type, is relatively flimsy in comparison to the other attachment systems on the bag.