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When you're feeling down, depressed, and blue, one solution is to get away from it all. For example, you could go to...
But when you're really down, I'm mean just feeling lower than low, it may sound counterintuitive, but I suggest you try to get SUPER BLUE...

I'd been trying to super blue for a long while, and yesterday achieved that desire. And let me tell you what, it sure put a smile on my face from ear to ear. I'm going to have strained cheek muscles I've been grinning so much for the last 24 hours. Here's a more comprehensive look at my blues-kickin' Super Blue, or aogami, as our friends from Japan style it I believe. Somebody tell me if I'm wrong about that, I could well be...
As you can see, said super blue is attached to its accompanying stainless steel liners and (sigh) FRN handles so as to make the Spyderco Calypso Jr, with an aogami (I think) "super blue" steel blade.
A few observations: firstly, retail price was $77.00, an outstanding, indeed almost ridiculous good deal, considering that; secondly, the super blue blade steel is pretty dang cool. It had a liveliness in both look and feel--more lustrous than the usual Spyderco satin finish, flat-ground blade (I presume it wasnt given extra buffing, if so there was no mention in the enclosed literature), and more springy on a cut, if that makes sense. That's not an universally positive trait for blade steel, but it was distinct enough feedback to be noticeable compared to the holy sextumvirate I'm most accustomed to, i.e., S35VN, 154CM, M390, CTS XHP, CPM M4, and CPM 20CV. This feels different, and it might be because (tertiarily) this is the only non-Microtech knife about which I could honestly say: it came out of the box more or less as sharp as it could be, and as I'd want. For once I didnt even feel the need to run it across the strop. But it's such a shame to see such a nice blade affixed to that damn cheap plastic-feeling FRN. God, Spyderco, could we...I don't know... get some eager-beaver MatSci grad students from the U of C to work on altering the specific gravity of FRN, just to give it a little heft w/o adding ton of weight? Then mold it with an eggshell or orange peel texture, something very small. Oh well, the $77 is awesome.

Finally, I've handled a couple higonokami folders purporting to be super blue steel. Now, Spyderco uses "official" Hitachi-brand "Super Blue Steel" (a registered trademark of the Hitachi Corporation), and maybe those higos I played with used an off-brand version, that is, the iron sand and their best guess at alloying and forging/tempering, calling the final product "super blue" knowing they weren't going to get sued. But if so, their best guesses sucked week-old sushi, because to my recollection they were nothing like this Calypso Jr blade. I'm not commenting on the SK3 or shigogami knives, mind you. Just the ones claiming super blue blades. And maybe I was just looking at authentic Japanese folding knives made by the third-best unlicensed child slave-staffed factory in the western quadrant of Hubei province. Shiru ka? (Hubei is in China, for you geo-challenged folks; thanks a lot for wrecking my joke by making me explain it. Buy globe for gods sakes', would you?)
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I just got a super blue calypso on Ebay for $91. Not an absurdly great deal like you found but not bad imo. Some are trying to get over $200 for them, crazy🤪🤯 I've been wanting a super blue steel blade for a long time. $95 was my limit
In what way did the Higo knives not live up to the super blue CalyJr? It wouldn't surprise me if heat treat was less hard on a non-Spyderco, but it also wouldn't surprise me if the blade geometry accounts for all of the difference. (Higos aren't known for super-thin grinds, the Caly series is basically Sal Glesser's personal design for a pocket slicing machine.)
Buying a knife with tool steel (even a rare tool steel) in FRN handles as a collector piece is really funny to me, but it's sadly true. I've been carrying my aogami Caly3.5 since they dropped ~10 years ago, and it's one of my favorite knives to cut with and sharpen. It ain't perfect, but nothing is.
A super blue steel knife is next on my list to acquire. I love the oxidation it takes when heated.
Thanks for the post ... I think. I looked around and found new one for what was an acceptable (higher) price. I might need help with my addiction to knives lately, however I get a lot of pleasure from examining the design, craftsmanship and fondling them. Fortunately I have my Birthdays/Christmas shopping just about done for the year.
Love the look , and price is awesome. If you decide you don’t like it, throw it my way lol
Well, considering what I had to do to get it, and how many crazed Spyderco fans have been making offers on it, I think I'd like it even if I didnt like it, so to speak.
It's going in the knife vault/sock drawer for six months...well, maybe three months, to begin with. That would bring us to Decemeber, which is not only gift-giving season, but is also kind of a desert for knives: the sales are over, the stock is low, the new models haven't come out, and there's probably nothing exciting out there worth buying. Early December I'll post a local add in the online classifieds to see if I can get any action at $300. If not, I'll give it another three months, and if the desperate collectors still wont bite, into long-term storage it will go. The owner of my local knife shop just bought a beat-to-hell Spyderco super blue from 2006, or maybe '07...around then. I think it was a full sized Calypso, but even that I'm not entirely sure of. What I remember was the price: he paid $475 for a beat up knife with plastic handles (but no rust nor serious blade chips). I dont want to wait a decade+ to make a profit from this one, but that's why it the only time it's ever been out of the box was for the photo shoot.
That said, if I can find a little non-locking higonokami that actually looks like it had a legitimately aogami blade, I'll scoop that up in a second, and will never come near the sock drawer. I'll use that thing daily.
Lol , i Don’t think you’ll have a problem getting your money back. I’ve seen some crazy expensive knives out there , but people who love a brand will be loyal . You got a nice knife, it’s a beaut.