Sep 12, 2018

Not receiving any emails from Massdrop

Since 24th of May (2018) I haven't received any emails from Massdrop. I have even checked all boxes in the email settings and clicked save of different occasions and still I'm not receiving any messages.
I read that some other poor soul had gotten on some spam complaint list without them knowing. Could this be the case for me too?

Hi, in your case, you will need to accept the email consent message the next time you visit . You've seen it once before but probably closed it quickly. I've reset it so you will see it again.
I didn't receive any prompts. I tried login in again and going to front page. Browser is chrome and I disabled my plugins.
Let me ask some folk about this one.
edit: Looks like the EU GDPR regulation. Having engineering reset the prompt for you. Should pop up next time you visit the site hopefully.