May 31, 2016

Movie Soundtrack

Just wondering if anyone else enjoys listening to the occasional movie soundtrack? I have to say the three that come to mind for me are from Interstellar, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and the Matrix. I listened to the Matrix soundtrack for ages! Loved the blend of music offered. Interstellar is great for testing headphones IMO as well (or anything Hans Zimmer writes). I'd love to hear any soundtracks that stand out to you!

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It's not a movie, but "Paint it Black" from the Westworld soundtrack is pretty amazing. And of course "The Light of the Seven" from Game of Thrones. Ramin Djawadi is an incredible artist IMO
There are some great recommendations here. I agree with ElectronicVices about Basil Poledouris. I think he made some epic and underappreciated themes in his time.

The inclusion of anime is good to see, too. Anime has some inspiring music, from the hot Jazz from Yoko Kanno's Cowboy Bebop (Tank!) to the music of Hisaishi (which was previously mentioned).

I would also recommend Christopher Franke and the Babylon 5 OST, as well as the Legend OST by Tangerine Dream
Once in awhile I do. Not very many films have full soundtracks though. Or I'm just not familiar enough to know more than the disney films.
Personally I have the Original Soundtrack for Transformers The Movie. (The original movie.)
My favorite :D
Just watched "Score: A Film Music Documentary” (2016)

Well done, and well worth the watch & listen.
3:10 to Yuma OST - Marco Beltrami.
Kind of surprised Garden State hasn't gotten more mentions.
It really tries too hard to appeal to the disenfranchised
Dear mike,

I'm a huge fan of matrix soundtracks myself, but more importantly I try to produce music that represents similar style! If you wish to have a listen to few of my demos, let me know:)

Knock knock.
my two most Favorite OSTs right now is Baby Driver OST, very instrumental heavy and well mixed and the most recent Doom OST very heavy electronic metal instrumental music and also mixed very well.
the new DOOM did a really great job of "updating" the classic soundtrack IMO
I listen to movie and video game OSTs all the time when I study. Right now actually too some Zelda BOTW and Bladerunner 2049.
But to go a slightly different direction, I do enjoy the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory soundtrack.
playing through splinter cell: blacklist right now ;)
That Amon Tobin soundtrack is amazing.
Star Wars sound track is one i listen to a lot. John Williams is a genius!!
Last of the Mohicans had a killer soundtrack.
yes it is! classic
+1 for Trọn Legacy.

Another favorite of mine is The Fountain by Clint Mansell. I also really like the Hanna soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers, as well The Thomas Crown Affair by Bill Conti.

Can't believe I almost forgot the Sunshine soundtrack by John Murphy.

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I'll see what I can do...
Shoot me an email at my username at gmail. Not sure what you mean by true flac, but I can send you what I have.