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Movie Soundtrack

Just wondering if anyone else enjoys listening to the occasional movie soundtrack? I have to say the three that come to mind for me are from Interstellar, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and the Matrix. I listened to the Matrix soundtrack for ages! Loved the blend of music offered. Interstellar is great for testing headphones IMO as well (or anything Hans Zimmer writes). I'd love to hear any soundtracks that stand out to you!

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pretty in pink, valley girl, flashdance, fast times at ridgemont high, top gun, breakfast club, scott pilgrim, heavy metal, the hobbit (rb)
Pulp Fiction
I really liked the Armageddon sound track. Also the blues brothers, hard to to that for me. I would like to see the version of Drive that had an Imogen Heap sound track specially written for it. A BBC one off I think.
I like any of the Dark Knight trilogy soundtracks. Probably my favorite is The Dark Knight Collector's edition, closely followed by TDKR deluxe edition. I'm a little mad that we can only purchase TDK collector's edition as digital: no CD, no vinyl. The normal TDK soundtrack is great as is, but the bonus tracks are nice remixes. Same thing goes for Man of Steel collectors edition, although I believe that it can be purchased as CD.
Also, Tron, LOTR, and villian themes from POTC can be good as the main Jack Sparrow theme is good but gets overplayed.
Arkham Origins is pretty good for a gaming soundtrack, though I don't listen to it regularly.
Ha! I love both Matrix and Interstellar soundtracks as well. Some of my other favorites are:
Tron Legacy by Daft Punk
Samsara OST
Mocking Jay Part 1 curated by Lorde
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon OST
La La Land OST
Kundun by Phillip Glass
As a big Oingo Boingo fan, I've enjoyed following the soundtrack work of Danny Elfman, post Boingo. Lately, when I'm in the mood for instumental music, I've really been digging the work of Two Steps from Hell. Was introduced to them, oddly enough, as the music for my daughter's gymnastics floor routine. Not really a soundtrack I guess, but I don't really know how to classify the genre. It's essentially soundtrack music not tied to a movie.
our lord and savior, danny elfman \o/
tbh i'm more of a fan of his oboingo stuff, but he makes solid scores.
Yep, same page! Glad to know there are other Boingo fans hanging around here.
Anything from Quentin Tarantino--found a lot of interesting music I'd otherwise never would would have discovered on his OSTs.
Chappie OST- Hans Zimmer
Blade Runner 2049 - Hans Zimmer

Last but not least, Westworld season 1 OST (Television, not movie I know!).
Purple Rain
Thanks for starting the discussion. Found few gems.
Few of my favorite tracks:
Broken Arrow - Hans Zimmer
American Beauty - Thomas Newman
Matrix reliaded - Zion - Flute
Gladiator - Now we are free
Labyrinth :)
The Greatest Showman! :D
The Fountain - Clint Mansell
The Road - Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
Swiss Army Man - Andy Hull and Robert McDowell
Where the Wild Things Are - Karen O and the Kids, and Carter Burwell
If I could find it, the "Her" soundtrack by Archade Fire
There are others, but for original soundtracks for non-musicals, these are probably my top right now.
1. The Phantom thread
2. You were never really here
On a side note - The theory of Everything is on regular rotation these days. What a loss.
It's not a movie, but "Paint it Black" from the Westworld soundtrack is pretty amazing. And of course "The Light of the Seven" from Game of Thrones. Ramin Djawadi is an incredible artist IMO
WestWorld ost is amazeballs!! :D
There are some great recommendations here. I agree with ElectronicVices about Basil Poledouris. I think he made some epic and underappreciated themes in his time.

The inclusion of anime is good to see, too. Anime has some inspiring music, from the hot Jazz from Yoko Kanno's Cowboy Bebop (Tank!) to the music of Hisaishi (which was previously mentioned).

I would also recommend Christopher Franke and the Babylon 5 OST, as well as the Legend OST by Tangerine Dream
The Akira soundtrack is very well produced! I recommend the tracks Kaneda, Mutation, and Shohmyoh