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EMG Nemo pre-order

The pre-order for this started a couple weeks ago. If I didn't have a Halios Seaforth incoming, I'd go for this. Good price point with some nice vintage vibe. The Beads-Of-Rice bracelet looks amazing.
Matt ceramic bezel with a Sapphire bubble dome crystal. Drilled Lugs and solid end links on the BOR bracelet. Medium sizing. Quite a few colourways to choose from as well.
If I can flip a couple watches, I might jump on this before its too late.


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I should buy one just because EMG are my initials.
I had their DL63 chronograph. The quality was pretty good for the price I paid which was $250 early bird price. They make these in partnership with a guy known as HKED who is one of the more reputed re-seller of the Seagull military 1963 re-issue. The guy also does a number of customs in the WUS forum and is also currently doing a sprint run for the WUS forum diver watch called Emperor - google for "watchuseek diver emperor" and you'll get links to it.
So yes they are making this using parts from China from a guy in Hong Kong - but he does have a track record and experience.
There's a very thorough review of this watch by a WUS forum member here:
I dig the white one and almost pre-ordered but waited on it...I think I am going to get a Lorier Neptune instead when they are back in stock.
If anyone here orders I'd be curious as to the quality of it. I know they are a new brand but I am somewhat skeptical - all they do is repost each others content on Insta and give one another likes. I know that is what marketing is for a lot of these brands as they get off the ground but something about this one struck me as a little off.
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I appreciate you taking the time to reply and offer some additional insight to your business. From what I've read the reviews of the prototypes are all very positive! Hope that you and your partners have success with this and future models.
I still have not ruled out a Nemo, it keeps popping up in my IG. I will say kudos on the bold choices of colorways - I was initially really drawn to the white dial but now the darker green "Boba Fett" one has its hooks in me...
Now that you point out the "Boba Fett" model, I may be hooked as well. If they could only put a Mandalorian skull symbol on the face, or etched on the back, I'd be throwing my $$ at them!