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DIY Titanium Anodizing

A place for members to share their methods, show off their work, or just ask and answer questions.

I'm still pretty new to this, but will do my best to share what I learn along the way
I had planned to break this up into separate posts, but since MD won't show oldest posts first, that kinda messes up that plan for keeping things in order. This is gonna get long, I'll continue adding to this first post over time.

Safety first :
We're dealing with high voltage Direct Current (DC) electricity here, along with some caustic chemicals.

Be sure to have ventilation when etching your titanium, the gasses this creates aren't pleasant. You should also be wearing gloves and goggles for this.
When anodizing, you should be wearing rubber electricity resistant gloves.

Required equipment :
-A source of DC power

-An electrolytic solution
-A cathode

-Some titanium
-Fresh water

-Whink rust remover

-Natural sponges, brushes, etc for spot anodizing

-Various abrasives for removing anodization from specific areas for special effects
-Vinyl, electrical tape, nail polish for creating stencils/masks
While this can be done with 9v batteries, I'll be focusing on using a bench top DC power supply. Use of batteries is inconsistent, and difficult to repeat unless you start with fresh batteries for every piece. And at the cost of batteries, you might as well buy the power supply if you plan to do more than a couple pieces.
As far as the electrolytic solution goes, I've seen people use all sorts of things for this. You can use cola, you can buy pre made solutions, I've been having good results with a mixture of 1tbsp TSP (a powdered detergent) and 2tbsp baking soda in a large bowl of water.
The cathode is a piece of conductive material with greater mass than the piece being anodized, this will clip to the negative lead. Many people say it should be of the same material as what you're anodizing/etching...steel for etching steel, copper for etching copper, titanium for anodizing titanium, etc. I've been getting decent enough results using stainless steel, so I haven't invested in a big chunk of titanium to see if it makes a difference.
The Whink rust remover is used to strip the surface of the titanium piece prior to re-anodizing.
Fresh water is used to rinse off the solution after you pull the piece out of the bath
Windex is used to clean the piece after you rinse in water. For some reason this really makes the colors pop as the final step
This is my current setup:
A stainless steel bowl full of the water/tsp/baking soda mixture, with the negative lead attached directly to the bowl.
Then I place a plastic strainer inside the bowl, to be sure the piece being anodized can't touch the sides and cause a short.
And for added safety I drop that into a larger plastic bowl so that I don't accidentally touch the metal.

The positive lead is clipped to a length of titanium wire so that the clip itself never has to go into the water and get corroded. The piece to anodize hangs from the other end of the wire.
EDIT: updating the following steps after just noticing something in manufacturer instructions for the power supply
From there I make sure the dial is set to 0 volts, attach the handle to the titanium hook, lower it into the bath, then slowly raise it up to the desired voltage.
(this used to read set the voltage first, then lower it in.....that's why i was getting occasional voltage spikes, don't do that.)

I'll leave examples and specific methods for separate posts, along with a list of links I found useful once I have time to collect them.
Only other thing I'll add for now here is this tip:
Always remember when working in more than one color, a higher voltage will change the color of a lower voltage, but a lower voltage will have NO effect on a higher one.
So, if you want to create a sky blue knife with weathered edges showing a bronze color underneath, dip the whole thing at the higher voltage (around 25v for light blue), weather your edges next (via tumbler, sanding, scotch brite, rust eraser, etc), then dip it the second time at the lower voltage (around 9v for a light bronze)

Lastly, here's a generic color chart to get started with. Note that the actual colors will vary depending on your solution and the type of finish on the metal
(not my pic, but it's been passed around so many times I don't know who to give credit to)
tomgt, Jason Teel, and 19 others

Here is a two sun knife I've been tinkering with.

What's the model number on that one? That looks like a fun one to experiment with, with all those levels

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Ahhhh, that's unfortunate. I thought you had that by now
It was supposed to arrive over a week ago but got lost or missdelivered so they had to send out another. Should be here early next week, fingers crossed.
So I said I would post pictures of this Kiser knife I got to experiment on a while ago but I finally got time off work so here it is. I tried "painting" the flames with a q tip and ended up shocking myself and halted all work until I get some gloves. The q tip for me was hard to use and I'm going to look for another way to paint the flames @Kavik

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Have you seen the YouTube video where the guy heats his titanium ring with a torch then quenches it in wd 40 and repeats it like 4 times to get a black finish? If not I'll try and find it and post a link.
Ah, didn't realize that one started out coated. My favorite part about all this is how easy it is to strip and start over if you aren't happy with the results 😁 Yeah, Balsa will probably work. Just let the piece soak for a while before you're ready to start using it I have seen that video, definitely something I want to try! But I don't know if it's safe to do on a frame lock or if it will mess up the temper that keeps the lock section springy. Will need to research some more first
More fun (practice) with sponges on the Kizer GPB1 set to 80v. Sponge sort of medium damp.
Still not quite what I was planning, but neat enough to leave like this for now and revisit it later
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Ya I think they fixed some of the website bugs @DougFLA123
@Kavik @Gunnersmate2
Awesome, glad that's finally working again! @Gunnersmate2 Yeah, i have a friend who has a small Leatherworking business, we've been talking for a while about building one of those for forming leather masks and such. Definitely looks like a lot of fun for that. And would love to be able to do my own wood laminates and micarta
Trying this again, last post seems to have disappeared Bestech Shrapnel, in pieces

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I couldnt find the Minitherium discussion...but anyway, when you purchased it at, were you charged sales tax? I’ve never been charged sales tax by them in the past, but it looks like I would be now if I purchase from them. In the past only Utah residents would be charged sales tax. Is this a thing now? Is it a state by state thing or all states?
DougFLA123 No, I wasn't. Maybe they opened a warehouse or something in your state?
At they have an anodizing paintbrush setup that looks very user friendly and safe. I shocked myself trying the "paint" method and didn't enjoy it very much. lol. @kavik
Yeah, i tried making a home made version myself and melted the bristles trying to solder it together lol shoulda been a natural hair brush I guess Get a pair : Magid Safety M011B9 Electrical Gloves | ASTM D120-09 Compliant Class 0 Rubber Electrical Insulating Gloves with Straight Cuff, Work, 11" Length, Size 9, Black (1 Pair) Seriously. I wear them any time I'm doing something by hand, or even just to be on the safe side if doing a higher voltage bath
I have a pair on the way. I'm done painting until I get them because of the higher voltages. I also got a tekpower power supply coming. Tired of fooling around with my setup
I was finally able to get yellow. Because of my cheap power supply I've been having issues with yellow/gold. It's not a color I particularly like it just frustrates me when I can't do something.
Sharing my latest work.

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I used nail polish.
Depends on what you want done.
Great thread. I can't believe I'm just now finding it. Thank you for pulling all this info together in one spot. Much better than my random scattered posts on different knives. πŸ‘πŸ» Love seeing all the creative stuff being done.
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Yes, I really like that splatter picture on the target too! Could that splatter have been done with wax, which I assume would be easier to clean up than nail polish? Really nice work! So much fun to see what everyone is capable of and how nice anodization can turn out!
Same issue with this site
Thank You for this post. I'd really like to learn more about anodizing.., perhaps one day try it out myselfπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. KT✌
πŸ‘ Have fun, be safe 😁
I'll have a couple more to add soon, still tweaking them and need to get pics
New knife, TwoSun TS35 FireAnt Just arrived today, so I had it apart to inspect it and figured what the hell, might as well anodize it lol

To this
In about 45 minutes for setup, cleaning, testing colors, anodizing, weathering (same method I did on the Buc, just slightly different colors), and anodizing again


I'm digging the CF accent over deep purple, and the dark bronze against the purple too Purple at 19v
Bronze at 12v Unfortunately, this one is showing fingerprints and changing colors where touched more than any others I've done so far πŸ€”
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Ohhhhh! Haha fair enough (was just giving you a hard time anyway.... And wanted to make sure you saw the new post with the Shrapnel. I love how it turned out :) until I touch it 😩)
I missed the shrapnel will look now
So here is my new project. I picked up this kizer, Ki4447A1 for $70. It's not a knife I will ever carry, I got it just to practice anodizing and other finishes. The flames are ridiculous to me but I figured I could practice using the "painting" method, positive to work piece and negative lead to anything porous like a sponge or like kavik did with a chop stick, on them.
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My thoughts exactly. I don't necessarily like the design on the handles but it was on sale and I needed a knife to practice on.
It looks like you can play with coloring the background and the flames until you come up with some really nice combination.
That's dope man! I like your method of using the strainer in the bowl as opposed to hanging it from somewhere. I'm gonna give it a go and see if it works better than my method of using a piece of wire to hang it on. Of course if you're anodizing multiple pieces at the same time, the wire hangers might be the way to go since you don't want them in contact with each other.
I still hang the piece from a wire to connect to the positive lead, but the plastic basket let's me be less concerned about touching the sides when lowering it in by hand, and let's me stir it around to shake off any air bubbles as they form
I've only done things a piece at a time so far, but I was under the impression it's okay for pieces to touch? I've seen some small part batches done in piles in a strainer with a wand for a positive lead poking and stirring at the pieces till they're all colored
Hope it works out to your advantage :)
Stay on topic the moderator is a controlling little prick and he gets upset very easily..
Who's upset here bud? 😘
What kind of knife is that in the tutorial?
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If you dont wanna buy all that there some boy in Wyoming that are turning out some quality work ar a reasonable price it's called
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I can't, no. The post was flagged by a member and deleted by MD.... Like most of his posts πŸ™„ Of course, now that his posts are gone, I gotta clean up my responses that make no sense now lol
Lol, it is funny when posts go away and what’s left makes no sense. πŸ˜€
Latest work.
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The shiny side was sanded like crazy. Started at 100 and worked my way up to 2k. This is how it looked before ano.
I just recently picked up a Spyderco Mantra with titanium handles and I'm thinking of anodizing it. I think I'm going to bead blast it then etch then anodize it to see if I can get a matte finish
Here’s a sith buc I did for a customer
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Are you taking orders?
Email me ... I can find out what you’re looking for and let you know if it’s possible
So I did this for my wife. Had to get her in on my knife addiction. I think it's working she was really into the ano and the process of it. To be honest she did most of the work on this knife, I broke my hand and can barely dress myself so I got my better half to do the work on this.

this is her knife and she wanted it purple but once it was all purple she and I didn't like the look so we gradually increased the voltage while pulling the scale out of the bath. Nothing fancy but not bad for a one handed gimp and a rookie.imo
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Ohhhhh, no, no..... If I create it for you I'm likely to name you in the title and give it some wiseass description lol
Just go to the Blades category, click the Talk tab up top, then click the Create Post button. Pick your category, and write your post πŸ‘
Ah, thank you! : )
Here you go @DougFLA123, the promised sponge pics :)
Just a rough torn natural sea sponge dipped in the same solution I use for the bath. Positive connected to the handle, negative holding the sponge. Rubber gloves on for this, too much chance of accidental contract
Set your voltage to the max you want for the colors. It should end up around that color in the spots with most contact, and tapering away towards the edges, back down the spectrum. Re-dip your sponge as needed, keep it fairly wet but not dripping.
The results :

Not too shabby for the first try 😁 My original plan for this knife was actually to try and "paint" a craggy cherry blossom branch across it....this might be the key to making that possible, and I may be saving that lightning effect for my Dao when it arrives And a side note, be mindful of the surface you're working on lol
I just had it sitting on a paper towel on the counter, and when the towel got wet.......

Which lead to a whole other experiment on the flip side, sponging through a paper towel at varying voltages, and transferring the texture from the towel while creating a (sloppy) gradient.....with a little work, this could become something cool too

The possibilities for things to experiment with are literally endless! Lol
Oh! I’m just seeing this for the first time! Very interesting!
Up next, the Kizer Wakulla....a knife I didn't love once I got it in hand, but my visions for this one when I saw the drop was part of what inspired me to try it had to be done anyway lol
Prep: Went over the whole thing with a 240 grit scouring pad type thing mounted on the drill press (part of a paint removal/surface prep kit), then a quick dip in Whink to etch
Step 1:
Anodize the inside of the "mesh" in a 75-95v gradient by bringing the whole thing up to 75v, then raising the voltage while slowly pulling the piece out of the bath
Clearly I need more practice at the timing and smoothness of this method, but since it's just for the inside of the mesh I thought it'd be okay
Step 2: Wetsanded the top surface with some 1000 grit paper wrapped around a wine cork to give it a firm backing that could follow the contours
Step 3: Anodize the surface of the "mesh" with a 55-75v gradient (in hindsight, i should've let more purple into the gradient)
Step 4: Start bungling things up lol
I first tried carefully sanding around the center section, that was a pain in the ass. Then I tried using a rust eraser sponge, that was worse than the sandpaper. Finally i decided to just mask off the whole center area with nail polish so I could etch it again, telling myself the polished mesh area will pop more anyway if the rest of the handle has a more matte finish lol
It was right around this time that i inexplicably started craving strawberries πŸ˜‚ Step 5:
Learn to gather supplies BEFORE starting a random project at 11:00 at night πŸ™„ This is as far as I got before finding out I'm out of acetone
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Was it difficult to remove the nail polish? Could nail polish remover affect the titanium in some way?
Easy as pie... I went to home depot and bought a gallon of acetone (that's way overkill, but i'll use it for other stuff for years to come lol) and soaked them in a shallow pyrex dish for all of about 30 seconds before it started coming up on its own. Then an old toothbrush helped make sure everything came out of the grooves
But that was on a deep cut surface. If just painting a mask on a flat surface it could be wiped off with a cotton disk soaked in the stuff
It didn't seem to affect the metal, or the existing anodization in any way. But I'd think it's probably best to use the 100% pure acetone type remover, make sure it's not one with fragrance and moisturizers built in, just to minimize risks of complications
NOTE to those following the thread, I had to make an update to the steps in the process for bath anodizing in the original post. Repeating that section here for safety :
-------------------------- EDIT: updating the following steps after just noticing something in manufacturer instructions for the power supply From there I make sure the dial is set to 0 volts, attach the handle to the titanium hook, lower it into the bath, then slowly raise it up to the desired voltage.
(this used to read set the voltage first, then lower it in.....that's why i was getting occasional voltage spikes, don't do that.) --------------------------


My latest ano projects
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I was confused when I pulled it out of the solution. It worked out reasonably well I suppose.
It’s a very cool effect!
New test piece....needs work to perfect the process, but taught me a few things 😁
Any takers for guesses before i show how it was done? 😏
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Whatever it is it's a mystery to me. The fabled unicorn
I tried oiling a couple handles, but hadn't figured out anything consistent yet worth posting It did stop fingerprints from changing colors a bit, but the oil itself changed the overall colors instead. In theory, there might be a way of saying (for example, these are just random numbers pulled out of thin air, don't use them as a guide or anything) if I want a color of 30v, then i need to anodize at 36 and coat in oil Based on the type of oil used, and how thick of a layer it makes over the metal. I don't expect it would really be a constant variable, but perhaps a spreadsheet could be made to cross reference. Planning to do some more testing when I find some more free time
That's beautiful work.
Thank you, sir 😁
How is your tekpower variable power supply treating you?
So far mine is holding up well, but it hasn't seen much use yet. My only issue is the voltage spike if I start with the piece in the water before I power it up, but I think that may be due to it trying to catch up to the sudden load, i don't know if other units would be any different.
I bought the 30v unit with a friend over a year ago, he's been using it non stop for etching steel and copper, and it's still running strong πŸ‘
Thanks for starting this. I know it's been mentioned a few time to avoid taking over the threads on different knife drops. I really like the ff buck you posted pictures of. It is hard to see the gold wear patterns but it is visible and I get the look your after. I'm going to try anodizing over the grey on my falcon today. And I just got some Whink rust remover yesterday so I need to experiment with that also. If I see anodizing questions/discussions on different threads I'll let people know about this site.πŸ‘βš”
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Well, glad you made it over either way :)
I know they're aware of an issue or two since the last site update, but you might alert them to this one too
Glad to see you made it here. @DougFLA123
So I finally got everything together to try my hand at home anodizing. I started off with titanium wire to get a feel of everything. I just anodized the pocket clip on my falcon. I need to get a better power supply. In a attempt to save money I ordered a variable dc motor controller. It goes do 90vdc but has no display and it's very cheap. I will be saving for a better power unit.
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Thanks. Its nothing to bad just a compression fracture but it hurts like hell and it's hard to take knives apart one handed. By the way the titanium anodizing page is awesome. I'm really enjoying seeing and reading about everyone's projects. πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
Yeah, i had a hard enough time doing it with limited use of one hand with a dislocated shoulder recently, can imagine how impossible it'd be in your case lol
I'm glad a couple people are enjoying it :) Hopefully in time more will find their way here and share new stuff!
Do you know how to seal the color so it's not affected by finger oils when handling? I know it's possible because some of my knives are not affected by fingerprints while many others are. Reate, WE, Rike and CH knives for example are mostly sealed in some way.
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There has to be some proprietary things manufactures use/do to get the finishes they do. I've seen colors that are nowhere close to the colors I get with borax, water and dc voltage.
I think there will always be minor modifications that can make a "cleaner" bath. There are professional "real" electrolytic solutions that will conduct better than any of our home brew mixtures
And some people say having a cathode of titanium is better, and it has to be of greater mass than the piece you're anodizing.....but most of us don't have a big piece of scrap titanium laying around either. I happen to have a titanium golf club waiting to be cut up for this exact purpose, but haven't figured out the best way to do that yet. Once i do I'll compare that side by side with my current method
Try the mix I'm using, see if you get better results : 1 part TSP 2 parts Baking Soda And add a much as your volume of water will take before no more will desolve in it
And this was my first real finished piece, much more subtle than the crazy tests lol
Started with the plain grey Buc, which is slightly darker than bare titanium thanks to the blasted finish. I anodized directly over that, without etching it back to bare metal, to see what would happen. The result was the main color ended up much darker than it normally would have, just as i'd hoped 😁
Did the whole handle at 12v, which left me with a very dark grey with subtle purple-ish undertones. I'm afraid I really couldn't capture that in the pics.
I then used a rust eraser block to rub down just the corners and edges back to bare metal.
From there i dropped it again at 9v to supply a dark bronze color to the wear areas.
For the clip and backspacer i left the stock blue color, but did the same treatment with the rust eraser block then dipped at 11v for a slightly brighter bronze

I was going for a very natural looking wear pattern, didn't want to go overboard on the 'grunge' like you sometimes get with the tumbled finishes. I'm very happy with the results 😁