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Just In: Campfire Andromeda S

Just got them in the mail yesterday much faster than what I was originally quoted (was going to be mid-October). Only been listening to them for a few hours now and I'm torn on which is "better." I've had the Atlas for going on 2 weeks now so I'm hoping my ears just need to re-adjust to the Andro S as they couldn't be more different. The Andro S is MUCH more dynamic in the mids than what I remember of the original. When someone is going hard on the drums, it's incredibly intense. Also, vocalists tend to sound like they are all up in your face. Say, if you're in the front row at a concert, the singer has gotten off stage and is just belting lyrics right in front of you. They feel so much more forward than most of the mix. I could also still be used to the strong V-shape of the Atlas so this may not be a fair comparison just yet. Either way, I'll make updates when I get some more ear time with both on more gear.
One thing is for certain; they look absolutely amazing in stainless steel. The Andros are much larger and stick out so they command attention. They are also fingerprint magnets. And are heavier than I remember.
I'll also try to get some better product shots that weren't taken on a potato.

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May you please share more photos?
Oh my......only god knows how long Ive been trying to find discounted Andromedas...... Huh saga continues! All the best to you though, great acusition thats for sure!!!
Have you checked here: I've seen Andros close to $700 if you don't mind getting them in "average" condition. I also think CA does stuff around Black Friday/Cyber Monday so that'd be a good time to look and it's right around the corner.
Thank you for the information sir! I am on it! Btw what do you think about S version? Andromeda S? People say about the green version and it's coating scratching easily etc.???
Nice! Congrats on the acquisitions!
Congratulations! CA makes stellar earphones. I own Vega's and Jupiters.
The Vega is what set me down this path. I also have the Lyra II's and find they sit well in-between the Andro and Atlas. I'm personally quite excited about the Equinox: