Sep 21, 2018

What’s everybody listening to right now?

Pink Floyd - WYWH - Welcome to the Machine
through my Fostex TH-610’s
Joel Meier, saudregion, and 4 others

Taneyev- Overture in D Minor (Sanderling et al). Oh, those Russians...
Mitchell & Johnson MJ2 and Pono Player. Balanced mode with custom cables. Roger Waters - In The Flesh. 48/24 high resolution.
Joey Vantes new EP The Fall! He has some super chill music
Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder via the CA Andromeda S.
They make this song pretty damn amazing.
Stevie Wonder is a go to artist for great sounding songs. 'I Wish' is a favorite of mine.
Song: my fair lady by Of Montreal
Through my Massdrop x NuForce IEMS.
(My Spotify 'Discover Weekly' has been a bit spotty lately, but it's still got some good ones...)