Jun 1, 2016

Massdrop and the Digital Gaming Market

Gamers are frugal and love a good deal. You see the signs everywhere, whether it's from Humble Bundle to the famous Steam sales; when games are on the cheap the players are ready to eat. And it would also come as no surprise if 95% of the users currently signed up on Massdrop were gamers themselves (not to mention the amount of potential consumers it would invite).
Massdrop has dipped its toes in some digital retailing with the Out Of Your Head software (and perhaps others that I have not seen), yet this pales in comparison to the digital gaming market. While I won't pretend to have a full comprehension for what it takes to become an official retailer as it can't be as easy as just talking to both the publishers and Steam/Origin/Uplay. However, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to see what kind of deals we could get for recent titles.
I don't have much else to say other than I'd like to know what you guys think about the topic :)
Also, sorry for the community, I couldn't choose Tech and wasn't sure where else to publish

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It's such a saturated market, my advice is team up with GoG or humblebundle for some exclusives like you've done with the headphone manufacturers.
I'm not trying to say they need to host the files, instead apply the Massdrop model to games like they have done for Out Of Your Head. They would have to distribute the keys but not host the games, similar to how the Humble Bundle works.
yeah i really don't either. just relaying what I think he meant :)
Does he realize how cheap we are? Steam, GMG, and CDkeys had some awesome sales now almost 3 years ago. Seems outside indie, the gaming world is pushing toward subscription service online systems like PSN and XBL for the deals. I don't see margin for a company like MD to make money on this model. Storage is cheap yes, but even the days of 15gb free storage is gone.

Investing in a digital MD game platform model doesn't seem economical for this simple platform for purchase drops.

Maybe there's something I'm not seeing.
he's suggesting that Massdrop talk to some publishers and start selling digital games for platforms such as steam at discounted prices.
TLRR; so what exactly are you suggesting in this topic? I did read, but I still didn't know the direction of this topic.
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