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MassDrop gift cards, and Private Messaging.

Some of the folks here on MD are pretty great. Some of them I have shown gratitude in ways that I can, but would love to just send them a quick $10-20 MD gift card for their account, or something. Also, private messaging might be a great idea as Reddit seems to be the platform used for private messaging among MassDrop users
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Why do you NOT have gift cards!?! 😊 my boyfriend is addicted to your site I wanted so much to get a gift card for him!! He would had loved a $200 gift card from here then the 200$ I spent on something else!!... please pretty please have gift cards as an option! It would be a perfect x-mas gift too 😊😊😊😊😊. sincerely a loyal customer TAS...
I totally agree, Tas! Hopefully soon. (:
Just found this post when googling if Massdrop had gift cards please implement gift cards I love buying stuff on here but I know most people don't like to order stuff for people that would come after the occasion is over. A gift card would allow people to give people who love shopping on here a way to buy what they wan't.
I love both ideas! Would love to see them happen!
DM'ing is on the horizon so stay tuned!
We've also considered what gift carding could be like so we're going to revisit this and brainstorm on it a bit.
There's also been interest for a Secret Santa program. Would you guys be into that?
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I need to brush up on my SQL, React, etc etc so I can start sending samples of my MD ideas (: I'll be looking forward to to seeing what you guys come up with!
DM'ing would be awesome. A good way to chit chat with fellow Massdrop'ers and help out people that are new to the community