Sep 28, 2018250 views

Periapt Cables for Fostex TR-X00

My Periapt Cable just came in. I had emailed them and special ordered it. Cost me around $110 but it is so worth it. As you can see in the pictures, I got the 5ft in Red. The headphones you see in the picture are the TR-X00 Ebony. I used Plasti-Dip and painted them Red. Now I'll have to get a new Plasti-Dip red so they can match the cable. lol. Contact them at and tell them what headphones you have and they will work with you. They haven't posted this new connection yet on their website cause they are still ordering more connections. I was the first one that brought it to their attention about the connections on ebay, so I got first dibs. lol.


zenbert and kimdeug

Thanks for sharing! Just what I needed for my Ebony also