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Poles for Incan Trail hike

My family will be hiking 4 days on the Incan trail next year. We've read a lot if guides that highly recommend poles. There are currently two poles on drop right now both Carbon and both within an an ounce of each other (Massdrop x Fizan Compact Trekking Poles and the Element Equipment Carbon 3000 Trekking Poles). The biggest difference I can see between them is the price (a $15 delta). So should I go with the cheaper or is there a feature I'm not noticing?

You need to luggage check poles on flights. Protect them well and get good compact ones.
I use the fizan 158g models for all thru hikes except if having to do river crossing for example in the sierras on PCT or JMT lightweight poles are great but can snap easy without care and you may wish to use a stronger carbon fibre pole. definitely use or learn to use poles!!!
Just make sure you have rubber end caps (and spares) for the Inca trail (the guides will insist on them). After all, you are walking on very old paving stones.
To be completely honest cheap poles would last four days if that is all you are planning on using them for.
The Fitzans are awesome poles. Haven’t put a ton of miles on mine but seems like they would be perfecting suitable for the Inca trail. I’m going to use them on the Camino this spring. My go-to pole and the one I have put almost three thousand miles on is the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon w/ cork grips. At least twice to 2.5 times the cost of the Fitzan but super rugged, light dependable. A true back country pole