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As I've said before, my vote is to never see this idiotic poll again. It's not gonna happen. Ever.
i30N thanks
C'mon, really? Like I'd buy a new car from Massdrop? And spec out options? And expect to get a better price? Get real.
OK, if I were to look for a car and hope for a smoking deal for a well spec'd car, it'd be a Volkswagen Golf R.
LOL Subaru's are trash STi has like what a 10+ year old engine with ringland all over it. You fanboys are delusional.
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Yeah your argument is weak, why would I a new car require it's engine to be pulled out cause it's failing. Subaru is going to shit on the performance segment the only thing keeping it alive is the dumb fanboys. I still love the bug-eyes though.
I just a subaru bc they run for fucking ever
Even, if they one day will ship car, who will make a service internationally?

We need to ship the car back for warranties?

LOL! I don't think it's gonna happens soon.
You are all forgeating the sexiest car ever the 1986 Yugo GV.
I'll be honest, the premise of this poll is stupid. Furthermore, I've grown tired of viewing this garbage. Pretty sure massdrop would have to become a real dealership anyway.
I think Tesla would be more than open to discussions, even (aka especially) without dealership status.
Everytime I comeback to this poll it's always Subaru.
lots of hipster lumbersexuals on this site for sure....either that or lesbians.
This is insane. There is no way Massdrop can do this
If they do, it won't be an incredible deal. Lately, the deals have been lackluster.
That mark 4 roadster looks like the best thing on the list for the price, its also going to satisfy my diy habits

No one tell the Subaru voters this will never happen....
Wait what? Am I seeing this correctly? Massdrop would one day ship cars?!
Anyone else think this isn't a real poll? I think someone contracted Massdrop to conduct a social science / human behavior experiment.
I would rather like to think of this in the event the roadmaster wins as being a binding contract forcing Massdrop to reproduce a timeless piece of American tradition.
anyone can post a poll of whatever they want