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I'll be honest, the premise of this poll is stupid. Furthermore, I've grown tired of viewing this garbage. Pretty sure massdrop would have to become a real dealership anyway.
I think Tesla would be more than open to discussions, even (aka especially) without dealership status.
Everytime I comeback to this poll it's always Subaru.
This is insane. There is no way Massdrop can do this
If they do, it won't be an incredible deal. Lately, the deals have been lackluster.
That mark 4 roadster looks like the best thing on the list for the price, its also going to satisfy my diy habits

No one tell the Subaru voters this will never happen....
Wait what? Am I seeing this correctly? Massdrop would one day ship cars?!
Anyone else think this isn't a real poll? I think someone contracted Massdrop to conduct a social science / human behavior experiment.
I would rather like to think of this in the event the roadmaster wins as being a binding contract forcing Massdrop to reproduce a timeless piece of American tradition.
anyone can post a poll of whatever they want
What will the shipping to Australia be... and will it be converted to RHD?
Subaru has the largest aftermarket for parts and modifications, especially for racing enthusiasts who take their subies on the track. I feel that the potential for massdrop there is much greater than any other make.
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Except no one wants to drive a Subaru. And Massdrop doesn't sell cars. And did I mention that no one likes Subarus?
No one expects Massdrop to sell cars. I just want to see some 4 door body kit drops. How dare you speak on behalf of no one.
I'm actually quite sad where Tesla's vote stands. It's still a lot of votes, but I just thought that we'd be doing better in 2017. That's all!
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Not to mention their interior looks cheap compared to the german cars of the same price range. BMW 7 series, Mercedes E/S class, Audi A8, etc
Tech, features, build quality, etc.

I’m not a big fan of their exterior either. The S line looks a bit like a toyota/hyundai crossbreed and the X just looks disgusting. (Purely opinion no need to agree/disagree. I’ve spoken to many people that agree)

I know Tesla was forced to these standards because they couldn’t afford the R&D or the extra manufacturing/assembly costs... but it’s a shame the cars aren’t the best they can be. I’ll wait ror Mercedes to release electric cars, then I’m in.
I'm excited about electric cars for another reason.... There'll be more and better quality gas around for old firebreathers going forward ;]

An old charger or chevelle with a big blown v8 will be quite a thing to see when everything else on the road is electric and self driving.
Who the actual fuck cares what kind of car other people like to drive.
Subarus aren't my first choice but I can appreciate those who want a practical daily rally car for the road.
Audis are fast, luxurious, and have amazing interiors but their long term reliability and depreciation is absolutely terrible and not worth keeping unless you're a mechanic or you've got something special on your hands (modified S4, etc)
Teslas are an amazing work of engineering but their fanboys are even worse than Prius people. Get over yourself - you buying a new Tesla every 2 years like the latest iPhone is worse for the environment than getting a gas car and driving the wheels off it for the next 10 years.

The point is they're all cars they have their plusses and minuses so stop hating
Every two year? Whatever idiot bandwagon you follow on YouTube must be doing something wrong for them to be buying a new Tesla every two years.