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How about some Acura or Honda or cars
I would like to see what can be offered on Massdrop for my Volkswagen mk7 GTI :)
The colour and models everyone wants wouldnt be available as per usual, Im assuming?? Would the price be the same as everywhere else yet claim to be 90% off?? Standard procedure??
How the hell are you supposed to sell a car in bulk on massdrop?
think if the logistic nightmare it required to make a car you can only find on Massdrop, no not many sale to make a profit. A new car is tested during a year before release. Has to be tested for his safety to be allowed to drive whit it. the huge cost of delivery it need to bring it to you. Its not worth it, if you ask me. And alot more sample to go buy locals get it inspected , etc. Obviously you can't do that whit online purchase whit a car. ..
There are a plethora of issues yes. The biggest is being able to get the loan or having the 30k ish needed. However, most custom cars are just going to be badge's, wings, stickers etc. I would love to see that subaru decked out in all the stickers rally looking style. All the bucket seats with the roll cage built in and 5 point harnesses. All simple addons but then again comes the issue of cost. You would really need to decide on the number of cars and then find people who will pre pay months and months early.
This poll feels like it's been going around for like years, and I just don't get the point. I mean do you really think the Massdrop concept would work with actual fucking cars? I would bet my entire life saving that there will never be a day when an actual car is sold on Massdrop.
I will bet my entire life savings that a car will be sold on massdrop
Will the subarus come with vape pens and hipster kits?
ya the new ones have built in juul pod refillers
I'm just here to point out the the clutchless, beltless, e-CVT transmission with 20 moving Parts instead of a hundred in my Toyota Camry Hybrid is conceptually superior to all of these when it comes to smoothness, durability, and efficiency.
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I agree, but I didn't see that option before, and a Toyota is something many more people can afford. (I also hate the Model 3 touch screen... I want dials when I'm driving.
it has dials on the wheel
Lol theyre going to be MSRP+5% based on my experience with massdrop. Don't bother.
This poll is absolutely retarded but I'm proud of members for not voting that Tesla garbage up. Porsche or bust. Imagine trying to explain buying a car off massdrop to the institution doing the financing.
subaru sucks
Volvo or Ford
As I've said before, my vote is to never see this idiotic poll again. It's not gonna happen. Ever.
How about a Ferrari massdrop...
Hahahaha that'll be the day. Pretty darn funny, man!
i30N thanks
C'mon, really? Like I'd buy a new car from Massdrop? And spec out options? And expect to get a better price? Get real. OK, if I were to look for a car and hope for a smoking deal for a well spec'd car, it'd be a Volkswagen Golf R.
LOL Subaru's are trash STi has like what a 10+ year old engine with ringland all over it. You fanboys are delusional.
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In the end it's fun smoking WRX/STi's with my JB4 S3. It has better MPG, interior, technology, reliable(MQB platform has been solid), easier to tune. I could go on forever but you fanboys are delusional.
And I still paid less than 50k MSRP of the Type RA with a Ricer wing ;)
Lol I’ll smoke that with my cls 63 S AMG
Even, if they one day will ship car, who will make a service internationally?
We need to ship the car back for warranties?
LOL! I don't think it's gonna happens soon.
You are all forgeating the sexiest car ever the 1986 Yugo GV.
I'll be honest, the premise of this poll is stupid. Furthermore, I've grown tired of viewing this garbage. Pretty sure massdrop would have to become a real dealership anyway.
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Lol who can afford one of those deathtraps?!?
Now that is a reasonable possibility...
Everytime I comeback to this poll it's always Subaru.
lots of hipster lumbersexuals on this site for sure....either that or lesbians.
Fuck your mother. #notalldykes
This is insane. There is no way Massdrop can do this
If they do, it won't be an incredible deal. Lately, the deals have been lackluster.
That mark 4 roadster looks like the best thing on the list for the price, its also going to satisfy my diy habits
No one tell the Subaru voters this will never happen....
Wait what? Am I seeing this correctly? Massdrop would one day ship cars?!