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I'm going to hopefully buy my first pair of over the ear headphones, my first choice was the Bose QC35 but I'm poor but the QC25 seems very well made as well. But I need help. Give me some input
I had these for a year before getting the m50s and although i did love the sound quality I do have to mention that they get uncomfortable on your ears pretty quickly, i could never keep them on for longer than an hour
Just got these on Amazon certified refurbished for $80. Fantastic quality and crispness for the price.
I can confirm. I was on a peasant's budget not too long ago when I stumbled upon these headphones. At $99 it was the best pair I'd ever owned, until I got my m50x's recently. AT really hit it out of the park with these. Best pair for $100 headphones out there, hands down.