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Now Available!

Thanks to isaac.pittolo for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Mionix Castor RGB Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse drop available.

BrianMassdrop Buyer

Mionix Castor RGB Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

Mionix Castor RGB Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse

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Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that we met with some folks at Mionix, and they are interested in working with us. I wanted to direct you to this poll, so that I can gauge interest in their mice.

Definitely let me know your thoughts on this!
Hello Everyone!

Another update, we're working with Func to get their gaming mouse listed as well as a possible mouse from Monoprice (in co-operation with Zowie).

Hopefully we'll have something running early this week!
Hello Everyone!

We've been in contact with every gaming mouse manufacturer, distributor, and retailer we can find. According to everyone we've spoken with, gaming mice are incredibly low margin (just like most consumer electronics) and as such, we wouldn't be able to list meaningful drop prices for any of these mice.

In addition, the only manufacturer willing to work with us on gaming mice is gigabyte and we listed their Aivia Krypton gaming mouse a couple months ago (razer has an exclusive agreement with so if you want cheap razer refurbs, that's your best bet). If you'd like, we can talk with them about getting the mouse re-listed. Keep in mind, there's almost no margin on products like this so our price would only be marginally better but it's up to you.

If you want us to re-list the Aivia Krypton just let us know and we'll get it rolling. Thanks for your votes but sadly gaming mice and consumer electronics are too low margin to make for viable drop pricing.
Exactly! I love how people just expect Logitech to sell a $50 mouse for $30...
Wish the MS-3 was receiving more votes. I really need a larger mouse and the MS-3 looks perfect for me. <br /><br />I would really not recommend the G400s to anyone. It is definitely not a proper successor to the G400. It feels cheap and the sensor, on mine at least, feels extremely jittery at higher DPI/smaller movements.
Damn, I've been wanting to get the Zowie FK but it doesn't look like it's going to win.
Yep zowie fk and deathadder 2013 have the best sensors!
Fk = avago 3090, nearly every mouse with it is good. I Think that Kana 2 now is even better because of shape ( still commatech m1 wins ).
FEENIX gaming mouse at the bottom is the choice of the top MLG gamers across the world, whether they are practicing of at a tourney.. take a look
I really hope the g700s doesn't win, it is a bottom tier mouse with an imperfect sensor, and everyone that voted for it should feel ashamed at how misinformed they are.<br />Bigger number =/= better mouse<br /><br />Consult this picture, if it's not in the top 2 tiers don't buy it. This is not opinions, this is compiled facts.
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Any chance of a Zowie drop?
G400s God Tier? lmao, I actually own that mouse. Really don't like it. At all.
Added pic of Steel Series Kana 2. Pic by takasta from, thanks!
Added Steel Series Kana 2. Absolute novelty. No page and price yet. It will be available in late October or in November. Sensor is great. Shape is great. Look on for review.
Yuck. Wireless.
When does the poll end?
pls g700s
owait, what happened to the deathadder? 2013 Deathadder is really a great mouse, probably the best product that Razer has out there right now.
i don't thiink the death adder is good. size is too big for RTS or MOBA, it's one of those mouse that I stay away from. although I do own a deathadder black, Ithink that's why I don't want another deathadder. I was there when it launched, I saw all the earliest reviews and all I can see is reasons not to buy it if you already have one.--granted, it upgrades some features, but unless the gb drop the price down around 30 bucks, I would buy a 30 buck used old deathadder black any day--look at the msrp it;'s 90 bucks, it's 55 on amazon new, i mean come on.