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I don't know why the zero-g is before the glass pro on this poll. Zero-g has no hardware brightness control so brightness adjustment has to be done on the software side, which affects color accuracy since you're really just adjusting perceived brightness. It is admittedly cheaper and thinner though.
that's because the single input cheap korean panel monitors can be overclocked. multiple input cheap panel (monoprice, qnix, crossover, etc) have higher input lag as well as not being able to overclock.
i find it quite funny people voted on the qnix, it's already dirt cheap on ebay.
Does QNIX even have a website?
come here for 4K monitors
Hi all, thanks for coming out to vote. We’re going to reach out to QNIX and Asus to try and get something from this poll up on the site. Have a good one.
any update on this?
Are we going to see the QNIX on drop anytime soon. We're well past 200 votes
Anyone updates. We almost have 200 votes
Thunderbolt input anybody?
Can we get some 120 Hz up in this?
You can overclock the QNIX monitor to 120Hz quite easily apparently. One of the reasons why they're very popular.