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Possibly the most confusing pole I've seen on this site.
The v60mini's layout is amazing IF you have the 6 dip switch functionality. But I'm not certain this made keyboard would have that so . . .
Not trying to be rude, it's just hard to understand.
Are we getting only the basic layout?
6.25 width spacebar? nahhh.
Voted for the Leopold FC660C, but would go for anything with Topre switches. (Cherrys I am quite stocked up on.)
The only real problem I can see with the HHKB3 layout is that the bottom row has a 6u spacebar as opposed to the typical 6.25u spacebar. The slightly shorter spacebar is almost impossible to find replacements for, so anyone looking to customize the keycaps on their board is going to have a lot of problems with that. If there were a way to slightly modify the HHKB3 layout to change the right 1.5 key to a 1.25 and bring the spacebar to a standard length, that would solve this problem, though it may be less aesthetically pleasing.
Hi Everyone! Looks like there’s some confusion about the options in this poll so I’ll do my best to explain.
Last month we were approached by a group of extremely talented people from Geekhack and Deskthority looking to start a keyboard kit group buy. The software design is finished, the hardware design is nearly done, and this poll was meant to decide the layout for V1 of this new keyboard kit.
To be clear, there is no HHKB3, and this kit won’t support Topre switches (to start at least). The Layout labeled "Happy Hacking Keyboard 3" is a possible layout for this keyboard kit.
Based on the top options in this poll, we’ve arrived at the optimal layout for version one. Rest assured, this is going to set a new standard for keyboard kits.
We’re looking forward to posting more details as this new kit develops.
For some reason I highly doubt massdrop's ability to offer a drop for HHKB's at a remotely tempting price.... Any who, I can sure use a another model s in white!
Realistically voting, I voted for the tex yoda. I love my trackpoint on my thinkpad and this in foresight seems to be a great idea.
Same question here as with that 60% ergodox layout poll. Are we voting for custom pcbs or something? It's confusing that this isn't a vote for '60% keyboards', not to mention a fake HHKB3 listed there.
That Yoda is beautiful. Anyone had any experience with it?
Just vote for the Poker people, the HHKB 3 doens't exist.
Need more MX clear 60% votes. The v60mini is a step up from the poker II
The HHKB3 is fake, fyi.
Definitely fake. If you're unsure, just look at the shadows on the top of the key. You'll notice they aren't cast from keys above them, like the other shadows are. They are copied and pasted.
Andrew Lekashman wants to hack you. It is known.
The clean indentations on the HHKB Pro 2 is what makes it a HHKB, at least to me I don't like a rectangle box just filled with keys. The HHKB Pro 2 is just perfect
Is that HHKB 3 someone's personal mod?