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ultraboost uncaged is what the world needs
lmao yeah right its going to be Feezys.
I could see a MassDrop NMD R2 happening or at least a Pure Boost DPR. How about some MassDrop x NB?
I'm down for basically any other Boost Adidas.
how do you think you'll actually be able to grab these when they drop? do you know how this game works?
As much as I'd love to purchase Yeezys at retail, it's not going to happen. Would love to see some Ultraboosts though. Maybe a Massdrop x Adidas Collab.
Haha exactually. With all the bots and backdoor sales these sell out redicously fast.
Yeah there’s no possible way to get yeezys on massdrop unless they somehow collab with Kanye himself.
How would this work ? Are we going to approach a sneaker Consignment company to say we are interested in buying his Shoes ?
This is the dumbest idea I've ever seen on this site. There's not a chance in hell of this happening
They nice 😍
Are the Jeezy 350s full steel shank and gortex? ...
Vote for Bape adidas nmds
Y'all better vote for those Costco Kirkland kicks.
This is some amazing subtle trolling.
I don't want Aquaman shoes..!
i think u mean gay fish
potato potato
Yeezy's legit look like crochet Crocs
I know these are super popular right now, but they are not that nice looking. This one in my opinion is much better looking (barely, even at that).
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😁 shows that, at the end of the day, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
True :D
I hope this is a joke. I wouldn't wear Yeezy if they were free. well maybe to mow the grass to keep my beat to hell Nikes from getting dog crap on them.
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Post all the pictures you want I don't give a f***. Look at you you're acting like a total f****** loser.
im making this my new avatar.
ex dee
Lol what a joke
Lol this is never gonna work. Yeezy's? R u serious lol?
when do we get them and to we pay
When would we actually be able to buy them?
are any of these made in usa?
or just all from sweat shops costing less than $20 a pair?
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Well I actually love rare collector shoes and own a few pairs. There's nothing wrong about collecting them and then there is also the resell aspect, some of my friends made good money off selling hyped up sneakers.
But overall you would be right to think it's ridiculous for Yeezys to be on Massdrop since these shoes go for about $600 per pair right now and are quite rare, with some recently being $1000, depending on model, colorway and wear. Something cleaner like Vans, Stan Smith or Common Projects pure white shoes would be a tad better and would fit everyone's style.
I think this entire voting poll is just a nice joke that too many people took way too hard
Everything you own is marked up. Why is this a problem? Companies need to make money somehow. Also the sneaker market is something pretty unique and can be a serious investment. I know people who have made six figures buying/selling
How I can get Yeezy 350 for 200$
get fakes from
is yeezy trainers credible? or do they scam you or do they have really bad quality
massdrop x yeezy edition
what about a adidas x massdrop x sennheiser yeezy boost HD650?
Oh shit we are memers now? Fuck yeah.
next poll: cory in the house dvd
lmfao, this will never happen.
lol idd
forreal lmfao
oh yea sure just gonna source 500 pairs from the adidas factory, easy..