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I would really like to this set of cans become a drop
the fact it works out at £170 for the m50x on here but theyre only £125 on amazon
I have an ATH-M50. It's a very old one without the removable cord.

A: Coiled cords SUCK SO MUCH. I can't remove my fucking cord-- even worse, the tangling is permanent on it.

B: Durability and quality of audio is EXCELLENT. I've had it for years. Years!

The only downfaults are the end of the cable ( spring inside can get messed up and torn out ), headphone cushions ( torn up to hell and back ), and the headband over your head ( torn up, but still holding )

Audio quality still holds up but there is no "thumping" when you put it on full blast

Edit: Here it is, discontinued
wheeennnnnnn its almost at the point were it has past 10 times the request range
when is this gonna happen?
So many M50x polls. They aren't even... Really.. great? UPDATE: People are getting butt hurt over the truth.

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They don't have a flat frequency response, at all. They're flatter than something like a DT990 but they are very much so bass and treble headphones. Mids are recessed, very high, highs are there. "Dumb" video. Somebody is a fanboy. Why would you make bass heavy headphones for monitoring?... You want flat, analytical so that you may make the music as you want it to be heard.
dt770, Sony sounds better in same price range, akg k553, sennheiser 598's or the cheaper closed back models.
i will kiss for ath-50x
Can this happen already?
can they also bundle the mic? or does that have to be another drop
Can we wait with this until the 25th, that's when I get paid.
when is this drop happning?
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