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Hi everyone,
I made this to help out people who want to get into beer brewing, but prefer simple and cheap over complex and expensive. These setups will get you started, and, if properly taken care of, can last many many years. Remember, cleaning and sanitizing is your friend, here! Also, if you don't... it will begin to smell... so... your choice, there. Anyways, a proper entry level setup like these, will make 5 gallons of high quality brew from a kit (or, from your own design!!!) for as little as $25, and the only thing you will need to replace is the beer ingredients (and yeast, unless you learn to save your favorite strands)! Check your local laws on how much you can brew legally (here in Texas, it is 200 gallons of alcoholic beverages per year, tax free) and you can start saving money on beer, impress your friends, and enjoy something that is hard to find... fresh, great tasting beer, that is built around what YOU want, not what the big companies want to sell you, or the micro-brewers make, but at 12+ times the cost of what you could brew.
Cheers, Slainte, demens