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Come on Zack...bring us some Autuers!
Tyll reviewed then on Inner Fidelity. AKG's TOTL active noise-cancelling headphone. It's the only noise-cancelling set of cans (to date) with excellent sound quality with active noise-cancelling engaged. I've tried all the rest and they are middle-of-the-road in sound quality at best. The Bose QC35 have very good noise-cancelling as we all know, though the sound quality is middle-of-the-road. If you can't tell more than small incremental improved sound quality between QC35's and the better headphones - schedule an audiologist appointment .
Only 1 Grado option? Should put the 225e or 325e's on there
I put up the STAX SRS-3100 as an option. For anyone who wants to hear god, as Zeo said.
HD800s without question.
I am surprised there isn't anyBeyerdynamics t51p/i Masa drop yet considering the demand for great seal, comfort, lightweight and soundstage and sound. Looking forward :)
I would love to be able to get the Bose quiet comfort 35. They're amazing
I think there is some kind of group-think addiction to the HD-6XX here on Massdrop. They are fine headphones, but not the end-all they are made out to be here. It's an interesting phenomenon..
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HD650 not HD600
They are great scaling dynamic cans for low low price :) great can to get started with and add the he4xx for introduction to planars
Love that people actually voted for the HD700s, I own a pair and find them very enjoyable.
A high-value 6XX would be fantastic.
Sennheiser HD 6XX could not get into the page last time.
I have Fidelio X2 and they're amazing.
I have heard many a good thing about the X2s. But, i honestly prefer the look and coloring of the X1s by a huge margin. Anyone else feel this way?
it would be a real treat to have a Philips Fidelio X Massdrop collaboration.
Just wanted to point out that the Fidelio X2's are incredible. Just bought a pair, and I can't stop listening to them.