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Tenkeyless keyboards are the safest choice. If you code on Linux/OSX, you will need arrow keys, Esc and ~ keys to be easily accessible without layers. If you want to try 60% keyboards, make sure that it has arrow keys and ability to remap Caps Lock to Escape. FN keys are also useful in Visual Studio and Midnight Commander.
Also, if you are going to use keyboard in the office, please don't buy MX Blues.
I wish I could like this more than once. Fellow programmers who buy Blues are simply trying to audibly show off how much "work" they're doing.
The Iris keyboard is missing :(
Coding keyboard needs arrow keys IMHO. I've used Pokers, tried layers, etc, ultimately gave up due to lack of arrow keys. UHK would be cool if it had arrow keys. Kinesis Advantage 2 is my choice now. Noticed *two* Kinesis Advantage in the poll, the current version (Advantage 2) and the discontinued version added by @Rudy. I suggest the discontinued option be removed (hint: it's discontinued) and the votes transferred to the current version (Advantage 2).
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Onoz, don‘t navigate in insert mode :O
Really? I'm a coder who just got a Pok3r, and having "arrow keys" accessible from the home row is one of my favorite features. I set CapsLock to be Fn, so it's easy to hold down with my left hand while I HJKL with my right. It's glorious.
Model S is boss. i love mine like a son.
Personally I find the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard's concept to be fascinating, a nice medium between a 'standard' mechanical keyboard and more exotic ones like the Ergodox. However, I believe the "Truly Ergonomic Keyboard" needs to be utterly removed from this and other sites due to the company's history of lying to its customers and general deceitfulness about their keyboard (or lack thereof; you can find some detailed history of their dealings with customers on geekhack and desktop authority), even if they finally actually made a product.
How can the "Ultimate Hacking Keyboard" be the "Best Mechanical Keyboard for coding" if nobody has it? Where did the 284 votes come from? They are just in the process to manufacture via crowdsupply and will/might ship until September 2016. Voting has definitely being hacked by the hacker mondalaci - owner of the "Ultimate Hacking Keyboard" - a bad copycat of the Happy Hacking Keyboard including their logo. This looks like a Nigerian Scam. Get them out of here!
How is the UHK a bad copycat of the HHK? The only thing that they have in common is they are both compact and have "Hacking Keyboard" in their name.
I think that it should at least have a number pad, which is great for long numbers like floats
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It would make cable management a bit easier, and since I use it on my desktop, it wouldn't be ideal.
It's programmable so all you need to do is make an overlay such that when you shift functionality it's acting like a number pad instead of a standard keyboard. Release the overlay and go back to typing as normal. This is much better than having to move your hand to the number pad imo.
Question: What makes a mechanical keyboard "good" for coding? What differentiates it from a regular mech keyboard?
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Though, to be honest, I think the best coding keyboard I've used is the pok3r. I reprogrammed two layers to be shortcuts for my most used commands in order of most-used per row. It makes quick work of the most mind-numbing repetitive typing. Still a work in progress, but very time saving. Even in non-coding envirnoments, it's good for nav and basic commands. Imagine having [fn] + [Q] = "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" for the raspberry pi or debian in general. One two-key combo saves all that extra typing (though that commands is more than 34 characters, but you get the point). One or two keys = 34. That's efficient.
IMHO, best keyboards for coding are: - from staggered choices: Matias Ergo Pro - from non-staggered choices: Ergodox. I'll try to explain why. Both are excellent for coding, mainly because of short space bar size. Coders are not typist. While coding, they need to press shortcut combinations like CTRL+(letter) very frequent, no matter what IDE or Text editor they use. Personally I find myself pressing CTRL with my pinky very inconvenient, especially with right one. Therefore I remap both CTRL keys to ALT position in case of pc keyboard and to CMD in case of mac keyboard. Pressing combination CTRL+(letter) with a thumb finger holding CTRL is much more easier, at least for me. So that's why space bar size is matters! The shorter the better. With standard long space bar it is very inconvenient to press remapped CTRL keys (ALT by default). Maybe long space bar matters for typist, bot not for coders. Among infinitive number of staggered keyboards, Matias Ergo Pro has a short split space bar. If you look at ALT/CMD keys position, the left one ends at C key beginning and the right one begins at M key middle. It is very convenient layout for pressing ALT/CMD with thumb fingers. Compare with standard layout. In case of Ergodox, there is no noticeable space bar, but this keyboard gives you full ability to program any key. I didn't use Ergodox, but I'm pretty sure gamers or typist will not buy this keyboard, this keyboard is definitely for coders. Hope my explanation helps!