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I don't get the love for m50's. They were my first pair of good headphones, but now I have like 7 pairs, and they just seem so radically unfriendly. I get them for studio use(they definitely seem tuned for studio use), but for pleasure listening they're my least fave. But I guess if you don't buy 6 more pairs they probably seem god tier over the usual crap
Sennheiser 6XX then 598
I'd rather pickup m40x's + brainwavz angled pads. Kills it ;)
M50x are garbage.. they do not wow or impress how ever you guys managed to screw up this vote I will never know. Also the hd6xx has more bass and is more refined then the m50x if eq propery.
My dad got a paire of m50x and he loves them
A lot of hate for the M50x - picked mine up 18months ago. Still going strong and I fly with them regularly.
Have you tried m40x's? Can you dare? Here, I dare you, try m40x and than glorify M50x. Not trying to promote hate, but consider this, your illcomplete opinion will nudge someone to make wrong purchase decision.
I have them, they are uncomfortable and the sound quality is unsatisfactory.
Love my shp9500's. That being said, I don't entirely agree with this polling system because most of the time it solely reflects the popularity of the listed headphones. An ideal poll would be full of unbiased and informed people that have used all the items on the list, or at least done extensive research on each item.
The M50x are so over hyped, the are honestly not worth the money. They have a V shaped frequency response so cannot technically be called monitor headphones. They aren't as well built as many say either with a mostly plastic build and shoddy pads. I mean they look okay, but you'd be much better going for the m40x with a dbrand skin, it sounds pretty much the same, maybe even slightly more neutral and comes in at around £40 less.
vote 4 the mdr-xb950b/t
Sony has always been able to ask right amount of money for any equipment. But I don't know characteristics of these, and don't know if there are better options for price.
The M50x's are way overplayed, we should look to purchase some of the other great choices, like the Phillips, AKG, Beyerdynamic, etc.
Been waiting for the M50x drop since I joined. =P
Get them HOWEVER you can first