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I remember a time when I might have felt compelled to be interested in this sort of nonsense. As someone once said: "Youth is waisted on the young." And as someone else once said (more to the point): "Theres'a sucker born every minute!"
Very happy to see votes coming in.
I am pleased to see the increasing interest in my poll for these boots. Let others know about this polls so they may notice it and vote.
The Winchester 2 drop is now active and although 450+ have requested it there is only 3 people on the drop. I think that if we had the option to choose from Cobbler Unions entire boot collection more people would get on this drop. So, vote so we can make it next time.
Whoever is in the lookout for boots vote!
There are many boots out there so, many of the boot options that I saw on active drops lean more on the rugged edge, that are more appropriate to outdoors environment.
Yes, I also so few more option that are gear more toward city setting, but they to the most part had a Blake construction, not very good when it is raining.
I looked for a lot of boots, some are so expensive is just to much, while other just don't look right by design.
I came across Cobbler Union after I heard someone talk about this brand on YouTube. I looked them up and they hit the spot. Two of the option I have registered (The Louis and the George) have storm welt in addition to the Goodyear welt, that makes them even more resistance to rain.
Check out this poll if you see something interesting.