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Now Available!

Thanks to starbie for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Seiko 5 Sports SRPB1X Automatic Watch available.

VincentMassdrop Buyer

Seiko 5 Sports SRPB1X Automatic Watch

Seiko 5 Sports SRPB1X Automatic Watch

Gee Vincent--you picked Spinnaker--but they were number 13 in this the poll and the reviews from the last Spinnaker drop were mild at best. I'm beginning to suspect Russian medaling--or did you go with the electoral college pick? I think we need an investigation, or at least a hell of a lot more Seikos-- they won the popular vote hands down. So what's it going to be Vincent, more Seikos or a subpoena from the Permeant Select Committee on Intelligence ?!
What is that Victorinox in the picture?
Omega Seamaster
Heckin yeah, brother.
No Tissot?