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Junghans Max Bill Quartz Watch

I hate to pile on, but this is a Garbage poll. Yes, capital-G Garbage.
I wonder how many people buying/collecting watches actually know what legally constitutes a "swiss" watch. There are very few "swiss" watches that are truly Swiss. By this I mean all parts, the case, and assembly and testing is done in Switzerland. Read up on what it takes to get the all important "swiss made" at the bottom of your watch. You'll be surprised. My point is look past the name and the price and pay attention to what's under the hood. In a lot of cases, you are paying for the name on the dial, and getting a so-so movement an a hollow link bracelet, or poor quality band. Every watch is over priced. Insanely marked up. This is especially true with "luxury" or fashion brands. We have been brainwashed to think that if we don't spend a bundle that the watch is no good.
I think that whomever started this poll firstly needs to understand what a true "luxury" watch is. They don't include brands like Tissot, Seiko or Oris. These are entry level fashion watches.
Seiko is hardly a "fashion" watch. They are, first off, extremely solid tool watches all the way up to extremely solid luxury chronometers, moreso when you cross into the Presage and Prospex lines. Get into Grand Seikos and you're going beyond that and into true hand-made luxury territory.
Do they make something that could be called a "Fashion watch" by someone looking to try to look down on them? Sure, as do a lot of brands, but trying to take a dump on Seiko because you ignorantly want to think you're above what the brand offers is ridiculous.
That said, this is a terrible poll.
Seiko blows
Where is Tag Heuer, if your doing luxury branded watches then Tag should definitely be part of the poll
International Watch Company
How is Glycine, Junghans and Porsche Design (at best a fasion watch) ahead of the likes of Breguet and Omega?
People think big price tag = high quality. Unfortunately fashion watches fool many
Bad poll
Where is my favorite brand Omega....
Why isn't Omega listed...
I wonder how many of these choices ended up on a luxury watch poll... just because it's swiss, doesn't mean it's luxury.
Breitling, Rolex, Omega, JLC... examples of swiss luxury brands Glycine, Alpina, Hamilton... all swiss, but not luxury brands Bulova... American, not luxury (although probably the closest thing the US has to a luxury watch brand) Panzera... Aussie, not luxury
-----Edit------- Subject of the poll has been changed since the above was posted. Original subject of the poll was along the lines of "Favorite Swiss Luxury Brands"
Is always the same with these polls. People just keep adding stupid choices without considering for a second the subject of the poll.
One question.... How come Porche Design eneded in a LUXURY watch pool?