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jeez another poll which is polluted with a bunch of voting options which do not fit the criteria of the description. FYI Nikon DX series cameras are all APSC. Sony A6xxx series cameras are all APSC. Hasselblad X1D-50c is a medium format camera. Roughly twice as big as a full frame. Some of you guys have zero reading comprehension.
And BTW the only full frame anyone should be buying is the A7III.
I cannot for the life of me understand why people are voting for the a7r2 when the 3 is the same price and several times better.
Where is the Pentax K-1 Mark II? K-1 is old already.
Hey guys. A7r II why? There is the A7 II or the A7 rIII, maybe the last is expensive, but man a7 III is on point.
Yo guys, if possible, please vote for the Nikon D750. It's low key my dream to purchase rn and I need help making it more affordable on a college budget :/
The Sony A6000 is APSC not Full Frame.
Just added the A7 iii to the voting poles, I believe it's the better buy over the A7R ii, by all means head on over and smash that vote button.
I want a Nikon Df since it’s backward compatible with all my manual focus Nikon AI mount lenses. You digital guys weren’t even born yet when us film guys had to do calculations in our heads to figure white balance under fluorescent lights. Some of us even can tell you what the correct exposure is as long as we know the ASA rating (that’s ISO for you newbs), the time of day and whether the sun is out or overcast. We should get some love too.
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ahh well I was letting it drop. Meant no biggie. My apologies
No worries. Tone is hard to convey. I stand guilty of that ALL the time.
I’m surprised more people aren’t voting for the Sony a7 III. It’s going to be my next purchase. I guess not everyone is as excited about it as I am.
Completely agree. Might you add this to the drops? It's very simple, I can do it myself if you would like
The pentax should be swaped to pentax k1 mark II
Since Sony's A7RIII is already on the market for some times, why A7RII is still on the vote? A7R and A7RII were more like alpha and beta test camera for A7RIII. And wher is Nikon D850? While it is true D850 was on the drop some time ago with lousy responds, but that was becasue the drop price was lousy.
Well, if Massdrop can drop the a7Rll to something less than a majillion dollars, I'm in. This camera's MP's bring it to the edge of being a truly medium format digital camera.

*salivate salivate*