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Now Available!

Thanks to T0mb3ry for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Set drop available.

YanboMassdrop Buyer

Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x T0mb3ry GMK Carbon Custom Keycap Set

I was told that it'll be making a comeback this year but then again things could change.. I'd love to have a ERGO set for sure.. I have the kit but haven't gotten around to getting the PCB MX Cherry yet.. Once I get those then will wait and see what Carbon team decides to do.. IF not then I may go with GMK Hydro.. if I can find em anyhow.
does this one have a chance at showing up to the big game?
this july
an ergodox option would be nice
Is it possible to get some of each of the colors as blanks as well?
Now another set I have to have. It just needs more Orange.
Can we have ErgoDox set, please? =)
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I have completely no idea what GMK means (NOOB) but okay :C
Its not bad to be newbe :) You can read about GMK here: Its not that informative but its ok.
However GMK can manufacture what ever keys you want, as long as you order 150 units. So ErgoDox is kind of niche layout and will not tip. For example previous Carbon drop in SA Profile sold only 75 ErgoDox kits. That is only the half of GMKs requirement! So this is why this particular drop will get only one keyset and no child deals.
Why not another SA drop? If you don't mind my asking, what was the reason for switching manufacturer's and profiles?
I love the Carbon colorway and will buy this anyway, but I think I would have preferred SA.
Carbon SA will drop again, but i dont have any eta yet. This here is just the opportunity for the people, who don like SA profile, to get Carbon in cherry profile.
Great to know! I might end up buying both... :)
I m kind of a noob but is this suposed to be a keyboard or just a key cap set? They look really good and i m in search of adding a new keyboard next to my ducky shine 3 tkl and my wasd v2. Also will these be "dropped" in the near future?
This is only the keyset. If you are interessted, probably its going to drop in 3 months.
Are you looking to offer an Ergo set as well? Been wanting this key set for a long time.
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SA belongs in old terminal keyboards, a reminiscence of antiquity; on a sixty is like installing Ford T's wheels in mustang.
Cherry profile belongs into 80s you know :)
For everyone interested in this drop, choose the first pic first then choose the minimal or extended edition then just to get an idea, choose the stripe if you would buy it and to see whether T0mb3ry was on the right track.
How do you specify exact colors for GMK to use? Is there a standard like Pantone or CMYK-type values? The reason I ask is because I want GMK to make some Teal-green modifiers but I don't know how to specify that in plastic coloring.
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That's not possible. 8 bit colors will always look different in comparisson to real plastic colors. I think also its impossible to match a color 100%, but you can match it very close. Real life colors are dependent on light conditions and material properties. By looking at an object nobody can tell its real color. I dont know if there is kind of technique to meassure reallife colors.
That's why I said I had a difficult time trying ;)
Plastics companies must have some sort of system for this. I'm only familiar with print.
My heart says yes but my wallet says no. Follow your heart they say...
Buy now, thank us later
Will you have an international option also? Swedish?
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here comes people ranting about pad print, as I suppose the novelty set is pad printed?
No, novelties are not supposed to be pad printed.
I don't recomend building up hopes for novelties. They are just made to check the pricing and moq. I don't think the price and moq will be reasonable to make it into the drop.
Just like the U.S. presidential election, except with much cooler candidates!
Yeeaahhh! I am gonna make GMK great again! Joke, GMK was always great :)
EVERYONE VOTE FOR...T0mb3ry !!!!!!!!