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Note: This isn't happening and it can't happen in abs nor in SA profile. If we want it it has to be done in DSA PBT dyesub. (from geekhack thread)
Nice SA ISO kit? Not going to happen, of course...
FINALLY A QWERDF GAMER KIT! But because I just changed to Colemak it become QWFPST... What a life. Can you add PST too in there? No? Please? Please say yes...
love it :) is it going to be on massdrop?
A yellow space bar would be great! :) Maybe throw it in with the novelty keys?
all R3 please? :) or R3 modifiers kit :)
Any chance of an extra homing kit for those of us who don't use QWERTY? It would be an extra four keycaps or so, unless I'm mistaken.
Check the GeekHack post, there's a Colemak and Dvorak Child deal which include those extra keycaps
Great looking set would love to have this! I'm going to need the tsangan set though else I'll be missing keys :(
Thanks to everyone that has voted. I didn't thought we would reach even half of these votes.

when wiil the GB start ? Zam
i love this set ,i will buy it
i love this set ,i will buy it
Have not read the previous post, sorry.
I don't see tsagan kit :(
My bad, I uploaded twice the Ergodox kit and forgot about Tsangan
Not really feeling the look to be honest
Very nice set, good luck!
What happened to the color packs? D:
They have been included in the base kit but Massdrop cropped the image
Absolutely love the look! :)
Thanks! Let's see if Massdrop want to run the GB