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For those on the m50x bandwagon, I recommend jumping ship to the Takstar Pro 82 bandwagon. It's a tuned mdr1a for less cost.
why are people voting for HD6XXs? you can buy it right now!! its been available for sale perpetuately for months now.
I'm still somewhat new here... Whenever special, Massdrop-edition versions of headphones are made, are the changes from community requests, or simply ideas that Massdrop and the manufacturer decided? I ask because I can't help but wish for velour headband padding on most of these headphones (rather than pleather, which will eventually flake off)...
my little pony edition beats yall. duh
I actually hate the fact people reccomend m50x they lack so much and are simply overated.
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If you tune their v shaped signature with an equalizer, they are actually pretty good and detailed, otherwise the highs are too harsh. Though, comfort is an issue with them for people with bigger ears.
Totally agree, I purchased m50x first and I was somewhat happy. Then got an opportunity to try m40x, it ended up selling my m50x and buy m40x instead. I'm not saying that m50x was crap, not at all but m40x give you more balance and less punch. It suits better to music genre I listen.
owning m50x's i'm surprised anybody actually wants them
why is it bad?
Does it mean there will be a audio technica drop in the near future? I am looking for a pair, but i am not sure if i am willing to wait.
who in this kind of community wants beats?
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exactly i mean this is an audiophile community not man's apeal or a "spend way too much money on stuff that doesn't actualy do anything well but looking admitably good and showing everyone that you just spen that much money on something that doesn't even do its main job proberly" commuity
Never underestimate the power of slick marketing. My stepson believes the Dr. Dre hype. He is convinced that they are the best sounding headphones across the range, in spite of the fact that he has never owned them. Dr Dre could put a headphone cord on a turd and people would happily spend big dollars for it.
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