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Any chance of some lower powered submissions? Anything over 1mW is illegal here in Australia.
i have an older WL rifle. it works great at pointing out stars or finding friends. i used it to burn pest anemones in my salt water tank. my only issue is that the lens fell out and the beam cant be focused anymore.
Wicked Lasers stuff tends to be over priced for what you get. I added a couple options for JetLasers and Sanwu products, which are much better value.
Worth noting that the flashlight isn't the most powerful one anymore. E.g., 6000 lumens:
MassDrop, Can you actually deliver these to US costumers?
what do people use these for when backpacking?
I am currious.. Is there a practical application for these lasers or we just looking to drive cats mad
another application would be to burn through skulls with this bad boy
Go to and buy lasers from members, cheaper, custom made and better (more power).
I also see that……
These lasers will not ship to US, AU, CH or NZ.
I went to their website directly, and it says it will ship to US? Did that change recently or something?