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Now Available!

Thanks to lesliejazz for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the JayBird X2 Sport Bluetooth IEMs – B-Stock drop available.

MattMassdrop Buyer

JayBird X2 Sport Bluetooth IEMs – B-Stock

JayBird X2 Sport Bluetooth IEMs – B-Stock

Please bring us the X2 please please pleaseeseseseseesssss.............
bring us the x2's !
Let's make this happen guys.
how long are we expected to wait on a product that people clearly want to buy?
Massdrop please arrange the Jaybird X2 drop
Got the older version for a steal on a diff site last year, so I'm looking for an upgrade now!
Are these worth their money?
How many more votes are required for this drop to happen ?
about how long til it goes up?
How do we know if it goes through?
you'll get an email
Yup, would be helpful if this drop is made, MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!
Was a little bummed that I missed the last X drop, this would seal the deal! Make this happen!!
Straight off the press! Review by MKBHD
These are the updated version of the great Jaybird Blue Buds X. Would love to upgrade.
Hello Leslie, in a nutshell what's what's been updated? And is it worth the cost?