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Need 1.5u super/meta/command
Not so much SA any longer, but it's running as a GMK buy. GeekHack has more info on that.
SP and SA Keyboard and Co?
Love to see this on my zz96 :)
uniform, so I should be able to do it as Dvorak!
i really like the colors on this! hope you design an ergodox kit. I'd definitely join a group buy for this then.
Hey membrane, I've planned on making the base kit just the alphas so you can pick Ergodox, Planck or TKL modifiers to add to that according to your needs :D I'll be updating the IC page on geekhack in the near future.
Oh my that looks amazing!
Putting light gray legends on cyan keys doesn't seem to provide good color contrast.
They are unreadable for me. Not good color choice
Im just here to get the flirting emoji face keycap (;
Build keyboard for Amy & give her the rest of the keys ;)
my request: do it like 1976 and others and have base kits for different keyboard types (60%, ergodox, tkl, planck/atomic) so we don't have to produce masses of tkl modifiers most of us won't use
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The argument I see for having separate modifier kits are the different modifier form factors (1u keys for planck/atomic, 1u/1.5u keys for ergodox, some specials for the WhiteFox variants). It's like having multiple common kits just with the option to get one set of alphas and multiple sets of modifiers which allows you to put the set on different keyboards consecutively without having to buy the alphas for each of those form factors.
If the TKL/60% crowd is the biggest anyway, the additionally sold "normal form factor" mod keys (in case one has just a TKL common kit) will not significantly decrease the price of that common kit as the amount without all the other form factor users is already high enough (500 is the lowest I have seen) to get most of the available price drop. Splitting the TKL common kit into an alpha and a modifier kit should not affect the discount at all, as the same number of keys are getting sold.
From the kits I have looked at lately (Granite, Pulse, 1976, Nantucket Selectric) it looks like the ratio of TKL/60% to other form factors heavily depends on how attractive the offered kits are for the owners of non-standard form factor keyboards. As can be expected the owners of those keyboards favour sets that cater to them.
Also it bears remembering that the Ergodox and WhiteFox crowds are growing rapidly thanks to massdrop and IC.
Good luck with your inquiry! I really hope we can shed some light on this issue for the sake of the community :)
Hey einalex, before contacting SP I messaged livingspeedbump to see if he knew had info since he's very knowledgeable on the topic seeing as Jukebox is readying up for round 2.
Lets just say separating the alphas from each of the mod kits will be very likely :D Alphas, mods, TKL etc. Thank you for bringing the topic up in the first place.
Big thanks to thesiscamper for whipping up the renders & Booper for taking the photos of the ABS chips. This is a uniform doubleshot SA row 3 keyset. All the kits were conceived in the geekhack IC, additional kits could be a possibility as well. Thanks for checkin it out!