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Are these caps LED compatible? Why do so few of these drops give this kind of information in the description?
Looking at the current vote results some of you may want to know that the Royal Navy Set will come back in october...
GMK 9009 please :D
i use a ducky shine 3, any advice on keycaps to replace the stock ones? any advice would be appreciated
The only ones not voting for troubled minds are those who are hoarding the first set to sell at severely inflated prices on mechmarket.
I voted for it and am selling mine for an obsean amount .. I like the best of both worlds.
Please, please, PLEASE vote for the Starry Night keyset. It's just gorgeous. Van Gogh would probably jizz on that keyboard, I'm being for real.
I need me some SA.

PuLSE or Carbon would be huge!
*Love* the PuLSE set. I've been trying to get MD to bring that one back for years.

I do prefer the Overcast set to the Carbon, though. I'm not a fan of the artificially stressed look in keycaps or jeans. I've got a hand-stressed birch and poplar media console that looks excellent, though.
it's beautiful.
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Do it, man.
Roses are red,
Leaves are green,
These are the most beautiful keycaps i've ever seen.
DSA Royal Navy is a MechSupply Exclusive :D
Any estimates on when it will be in stock again?
I am pretty sure this is the key set to get me to commit to my first serious MK project... any ETA?
The Penumbra set looks the best. I can't understand why people like the Royal Navy, it doesn't look all that special and can be purchased on another site. Some people here make no sense at all.
Yeah and hasn't it been posted on here once before? I don't think I've seen Penumbra yet...
Gotta get another round of Nantucket Selectric going ASAP! I have to have that set, it's classy as fuck.
Yeah, i NEED this set!
Please bring the PuLSE Keyset