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Wow I'm guessing aero jackets haven't been tried here, schott is a cheap second to aero or Eastman. Custom made jackets as compared to off the rack.
why is the same one on here like 7 times...
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Schott Cafe please. Once you're over 30, you don't really want to look like you're in the Ramones anymore.
Something light for Hawaii weather.
There really isn't a better leather jacket than the Schott Perfecto 618, in many ways it's THE leather jacket. It's great if you ride and fine if you don't, it's stylish but with enough edge mixed in if that is what you're looking for. These jackets are meant to be worn for the rest of your life, hell you'll probably hand yours down to your son or daughter.
Schott is amazing, not sure why it isn't leading the polls!
Not sure why either, different strokes for different folks I guess
Coach Racer is the way to go.
They are all look amazing, RSD RONIN Jacket and Coach Racer Jacket are the most classical choices and they are both timeless. I hope we will get a good deal for them.
Is it tacky to wear these if you don't ride a bike :I
nope, you do you
Beyond tacky--pretentious!
Taylor stitch moto jacket?