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How is Rokinon winning over Zeiss and Sigma? Don't get me wrong, I own a Rokinon 14mm. But they are cheap, low quality lenses compared to Sigma, Canon, Zeiss etc. (you guys do know that Rokinon, Bower and Samyang are all the same thing right?)
there are currently very limited full frame (FE mount) options. I have added one but would be curious to see what others are interested in.
Wide angle and fast are the two things you need. The Rokinon is the only choice in this list - but f/2 is still kinda slow.
I have the Samyang 12mm F2 on my a6300. Does great, especially since it's literally the (arguably) the best option for APS-C mirrorless astrophotography. Paid $320 for mine though.