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I suggest searching Military surplus stores. You can buy brand new for nickels on the dime for great militaria style. The European gear is very attractive and of high quality in almost all cases. I have been impressed with what I've bought.
I decided to come back and offer a more constructive post.
Having now sampled several of these in an attempt to find one that fits, I can report that:
1. the Alpha Industries jacket I received is excellent; if it fit, it would be the one I would've kept over the others. Somewhat pricey but not Barbour pricey, still within reason. It's extremely well made and feels like it'll survive the apocalypse. However, they're huge for their size. I bought the smallest size and it looks to me like a generous Large. I have no idea why they size that way.
2. There are a few iterations of these jackets from "Jeep" or "Nian Jeep" which certainly look related. One of them is sold on Amazon under "JYG Men's Lightweight Field Jacket." This version has no hood but is well made, not too heavy, and hits most of the military styling I like about the M65. It also has internal chest pockets unlike some other field jacket styles, and you can get it in khaki if olive drab isn't your color.
I'm having fits trying to find a quality M-65 styled jacket that fits me. Some of the Chinese products are actually decent, but their sizings are just batshit crazy. I'm an American "small" and I have yet to find any jacket by any manufacturer that actually fits me.
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I pulled the Alpha jacket out of my closet last night and I have their "XS" sized M-65 jacket. It fits on me the way a small L or large M would fit. I fit comfortably into "S" sizes by American department store standards.
I think I'm throwing in the towel on M-65s!
They make them so because military jackets are always much larger to fit extra layers of the same size underneath that jacket.
Does anyone have experience with this AliExpress seller and thier jackets? How is sizing and quality?
iirc they're terrible... it's a 50 dollar jacket at MSRP. There are collages of people on the internet who've bought them and ended up looking like total goofballs because of how poorly they fit.
Haha figures, thanks for saving me the headache.
Barbour is amazing
I would love to see some more variety of brands and prices for the M-65 style field coats.
Try Triple Aught Design, folks.
Aliexpress is very often low quality and deceptively advertised