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CEntrance BlueDAC Balanced BlueDac - seriously don’t know why this has not got more attention than it has.
xDSD Bluetooth DAC Headphone AMpDac - beefy enough to handle those big old cans
Fiio Q5.
Swappable amp for your tastes and it has every protocol to tickle your… “Fancy“ Bluetooth evenenenenemen
HA2 is discontinued. Why do you want it when there is a newer better version available? Personally, I want just an amp and the Fiio A5 fits the bill perfectly.
Why are we voting about the old model? I'd rather have the new upgraded HA-2 SE model (Should be about the same money) the old had some flaws that are fixed now.
Over 400 votes and counting for the HA2. Hope we see a drop soon!
im looking for a small dac+amp to fit the size of the iphone and its lightning connector
Any one else interested in seeing a gibson or a fender here?
Can we get the Oppo HA-2 for 199.99 at least?