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Mistel Barocco MD650L Mechanical Keyboard

Mistel Barocco MD650L Mechanical Keyboard

K70 good keyboard, but Corsair shocking attitude to customers. I bought K70 Rapidfire in my country, the price is more than $ 200, and it is the most expensive that we have sold. Once unpacked he saw that the button "mute" a little scratched edge. I think that when inserted in the aluminum button is scratched. Shops in my country does not consider this a cosmetic defect warranty. I asked the support and asked Korsair send button. Maintenance Korsair sent me f@%!. I repair computers, advise customers - now I have no one else will not advise this rotten company. I will tell everyone how these spiders belong to customers.
So all of that over a scratched mute button?...
Yes, it's all because of the buttons. I think, expensive premium class thing of luxury, must not have defects. If there is a defect, a good brand must quickly eliminate the flaw, without causing problems for the client.
i own the g810 and i love the romer g switches, didn't take the g910 for the weird keycaps
there is a non weird key cap version of g910. its confusingly also called the g910. But instead of spark, its spectrum
the razer blackwidow x chroma is my favourite because of the exposed switches.
Will the k70 come with the MX browns or reds?
I guess it's MX red.
I have the Logitech Artemis Spectrum g933 headphones and they are pretty nice. The Logi g900 mouse is also very popular.. so really looking in to get that mouse to replace my MX Revolution. Now, the keyboard. Should I keep it all one brand so the software all works ? Fanboys dismiss the g910 for subjective reasons. I am interested in the lighting+game integration that the sdk supports. Colors looks look good. The only thing that I feel is lacking is the software. The corsair has the potentially most powerful software*** (you need to know scripting if you want to create unique effects) and a large community with effects premade. Razor has probably the easiest and still powerful lighting software with their layer system! Then there is Logi, which has good, easy to use software that is missing the ability to create the advanced lighting effects of the corsair with its lau scripting or the Razor's layering system. The G910 can also be found on sale for 80USD at BB, AMZ, Fryz, and other stores. Check out slick deals (dot) net
I have owned an Orion Spark (Omron Switch, I currently own a Corsair K95 RGB (MX brown) and have extensively used a Razer Blackwidow (Razer Green switch). THEY ALL HAVE VERY GOOD BUILD QUALITY. I cant stress this enough. The Blackwidow's I have used are in a local Internet gaming cafe and all work great with the exception of a few of them having broken spacebar balancers. The Orion Spark and K95 have been extensively slammed and work flawlessly with no broken led's or switches.
In terms of lighting Corsair k95 has the best software with the most lighting effects. The logitech Orion spark is alright but very little lighting settings with almost no community support/content. The keyboard lighting gets a special mention as the LEDs only shine through the keycap stencils. The razer keyboards I used were not RGB so I cant say.
What would be better. 810 orion w/ the division or a k70 rgb/lux
Everyone who's been voting for the regular k70 rgb start voting for the rapidfire version it's just a newer version for the same price, faster switches, media keys, and a USB passthrough
This is purely anecdotal, but I've had a Razer Blackwidow Chroma for over a year now. No problems and no dead RGB leds. Anymore I'm not really sure if Razer makes cheap products and I just got lucky with a good one, or if there is just a anti-Razer groupthink that shouts over actual user reports. Probably the least expensive RGB mechanical keyboard out there worth buying.
I have no hate for razer, although I haven't owned one of their products more than 6 months. To be fair though, some of their products are ridiculously overpriced for what you're getting though.. so I would disagree that "the Blackwidow Chroma is the least expensive mechanical keyboard out there worth buying though", at $250 USD you can get pretty much any top of the line keyboard.
Most keyboards out there have similar features now anyways, I would think its mostly about design preference or switch preferance. Lots of people like orion or romer-g or cherry or whatever switches and some need features like usb passthrough, dedicated media keys, rgb lighting, multi-key rollover, etc..
Corsair k70 Rapidfire RGB is the best keyboard for gaming in my opinion cherry mx speeds
I rather get the strafe with cherry mix browns then any of the rest imo
VOTE on the NEW K70 LUX version if you want the new K70 with different print, replaceable keycaps, textured spacebar, usb pass-through, etc... rather than the old model!
The bigger print allows more light through..
Most important on the LUX version is that it truly allows 16.8 million colors with no stuttering, unlike the old version.
Yes, I personally think the font looks better as well but that's just me. The Rapidfire version also has all the LUX features just without any choice in switches since its made with mx speeds, but other than that it is the same keyboard new features wise if anybody was wondering.
They'd better be blue switches! I like clicky keys!
The reason I would prefer the Strafe RGB (Cherry MX RED) over the K70 RGB is due to its higher precision... The K70 RGB is a great keyboard but I would rather buy the Strafe RGB as they both offer the same tactile feedback and quick-response but why not have better precision especially when playing first person shooters or any other game as a matter of fact where you use the keyboard to move?
How does it have better precision? Its basically the same keyboard but the strafe has missing features. The switches are the exact same so I'm not sure how the strafe would be better? You might be right but please let me know the reasoning behind your statement
The Corsair K70 is a solid keyboard, too bad it doesn't come with Cherry blue RGB switches anymore.
K95 looks purty dope
Please vote for the razer death stalker chroma. It's an excellent brand with a great keyboard that is already pretty cheap, so it could be even less expensive that any of the other ones will ever be!
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the deathstalker chroma isn't a mechanical keyboard
If I vote for Razer gear it's because I've either lost my mind or found my way to this website drunk.
For those interested in the Orion Spark, I have one for sale on Reddit. Make an offer.