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Neither. Just staph. Go home. If you're in that need for something with the word "gaming" on it get HyperXcloud or or Siberia bullshit , just not Razer , gosh they sound like a subway.
RAZER Kraken mic test:
^ Best value? :D
Don't even get those. Get HD598s, HD558s, ATH-AD900Xs and buy a proper microphone. There are cheaper options available for two of the series listed.
Razer's audio is a joke. They are selling a "gaming" headset for $200 with 10 drivers. Do you fucken speak english? My $150 m50x have two drivers, and they are considered to be entry level. This poll does not belong in the audiophile community, and you should delete it now.
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Let me reiterate. This is an AUDIOPHILE community, for AUDIOPHILE GRADE HEADPHONES. Razer headphones are not "something of quality", nor are their 10 drivers at all beneficial to surround sound. Your poll belongs in the tech community, not the audiophile community.
^ Someone gets it
Paying for a name and a category (Razer and Gaming). (My brother owns a pair of carcharias and I have Tiamat 2.2) There's so much wrong with both. Clarity and with the Tiamats... it's all low end. Razer has simulated 7.1 software (it works great) and I had to scroll through the list of headphones, choose mine, sounded better and then I had to play with th e EQ... by default they have as much bass as my balls to the walls EQed M20Xs which I got for free basically, the company that sold me the cans on Amazon sent me a broken pair, I asked for a label, they said in a nutshell "here it is if you want it"... They just gave them away.. M20X>Tiamat in sound and build. Comfort isn't as great. I'd assume in the 7.1 Tiamat's they use the same unclear drivers as the 2.2. 32Ohms, four drivers, a bit more than listenable volume from a DAC with no amp seemingly (Fiio Taishan [E03K]) especially from an ATR2500 DAC/AMP.