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Please make Rounded Edge.
Would still love to see this come to market!
It has been a year and no drops yet?
Yay! Thanks boss. Poll is back up peeps! Show some love for us true Topre fanz out there and give us some cred, let YanboWu know you guys and gals want this.
I am in on this! (I'm tired of waiting for the Unicomp tkl)
I'd definitely be up for buying one of these! This would pretty much make my 55 g my end game!
I'm totally in for this!
We need a total another drop for those keycaps featuerd in the 1st and 2nd. Damn...son.
There's already work on making a case for Topre keycaps for your new sweet board. The only thing missing here is another case designer, but I have complete confidence in @AlexPeterkin and @KunalKumar on this one. The last case that came in for the Varmilo bluetooth board is serious heft and quality. I would gladly pay for that case again in a Realforce 87U style. Hell, if they made it so for any other Topre board, I'd buy the case in a heartbeat. Seriously, this is one drop that we need up for grabs. Just like the Plank, I said, oh hell no RIP wallet!
Indeed, this is great news for the Realforce judging by your Varmilo experience. I'm going to try and spend a little less so I can save for it. Backed out of the ZXR Creative Sound Blaster which I don't really need, so I get can a case for my keyboard. Hmm Keyboard Science LOGIC!
How likely are these going to come to fruition? These were made in limited amounts and sold for over $200. The one you have in the poll was made by KBDMod (

), while there was another by Digilog (
Don't get me wrong: I'd love to have one! Just wanted to throw it out there that the chances of seeing these come back are very slim. Then again, I've seen stranger things happen thanks to Massdrop.
I know all about the history on this but you also know there is alot of movement on the Topre front recently, new keycaps, new 88U, new spacebars, so this CAN happen. Hell there's people working on the Novatouch housing, pffft Get a RealForce and go hard.
Tell our buddies across the pond to drop a vote on this. I know they're here, we had 2000 show up to the last party for SA caps. This isn't as big a deal as it used to be a couple years ago and with the 3d modeling we're talking weeks for something like this to be finished, ready for sandblasting and dropped to your doorstep a couple of months later. @Kunal, he can make a couple of calls but we need YOU to help. Votes count.
I cannot recall whether or where I heard about this. If enough interest comes from this, I truly believe we can make this happen. Alex where you at?
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How we doing on this? I'm really not pushing, just checking to see that all hope's not yet lost :-)
P.S., how come when I type in the search for this one, that it doesn't pull up as a searchable voting topic?
Thanks for bugging me. I think Yanbo might have just had a meeting with Topre so I'll have to ask what they said.
And I have no idea. I just tried to search it too. Oh wait...the poll got closed somehow. Weird. I'll have to fix that.