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Do we start a new thread for Tred Pro. Or do we use this one?
I think start a new one
It would be cool if they did a limited run in safety orange for us.
Is the user Maxtrax affiliated with Maxtrax? If Maxtrax doesn't want to engage with the community maybe there is a competitor who would be eager to handle a qty 500 order of recovery boards.
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I am up for Tred Pro. They are not as well known as MaxTrax, but it looks like they make a good product.
Guys, sorry, but this isn't going to happen.
I have heard great things about MAXTRAX as a product. However, I find it quite unprofessional to come into Massdrop with no understanding of how it functions and spewing allegations of “unauthorized group buys” and “scams”, which was followed up by saying “pricing will never be that low”.
Members have taken the time to explain how Massdrop works and that NONE of your claims were occurring. You log back in weeks later to just say “This isn’t going to happen.” Not once did you attempt to work with us. The discussion with the MAXTRAX “dealer” leaves much to be desired. I hope the interaction we have had with this “dealer” is not a reflection of how the company operates.
Any news on this drop? Seems to be a lot of interest.
Whoever started this is scamming you. This is not an authorized group buy. Please stop. I am the US importer of this product and I don't want people to be taken advantage of.
Hey there,
Thanks for stopping by, it’s great to see you hop into the discussion here. These comments are for a poll that a community member made to gauge interest in the MaxTrax and not an actual group buy. I reached out to MaxTrax directly and never heard back so there hasn’t been any kind of group buy yet. With nearly 500 votes, this is clearly something the community would like to see happen and it's great to hear from a distributor. Let's get in touch and find a way to bring the amazing MaxTrax to our Auto community.
Thanks again for joining the discussion!
Any news.
Great price! When will the GB sale begin?
Same here. If it gets cheap enough, I am down for 2 sets. How's this work anyhow? I am new to Massdrop. Do we get an email alert or something?
At this price, I'm in for at least one set, any color. I'd prefer black, but it's gear, not show, so the color isn't all that important. Don't suppose we could get drop on some of their accessories too? Mounts? Straps? Hell, I want a patch too!
Just from experience, brighter is better when dealing with recovery/rescue gear. Don't want t leave it behind.
Signed up because this was reposted on a Nissan Xterra forum. I'm in at that price
Least popular RED would be great with my Black TRD Pro...but question...would they fade to pink over time (like a plastic gas can) if exposed too long to the sun's UV??
Anyway to get notification if this drop gets started? I don't come on here often.
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That's the kind of attitude I like to see. You'll be notified by email WHEN this drop goes live. :)
Could I get an email notification when it goes live as well? Really excited about this drop materializing!
I'd be in for a set if we can get them in red.
I would certainly go for red, but I would be happy with the MaxTrax orange. Anything that won't get lost in a bog-hole is fine with me.
Hey guys,
Thanks for starting this poll! It's awesome to see it hit 200 votes in a single day.
I just reached out to Maxtrax to see about getting a drop going, I'll let you guys know as soon as I hear back!
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Hey Kjswa,
I have not heard back from Maxtrax yet, I'll be following up with them this week if I don't hear back in the next couple of days. I'm sure they're just as busy as the rest of us, I'll be sure to keep you guys updated.
The US Distributor of MaxTrax can be reached at
I am in all the way for 2 pairs for sure.
At that price I'd get 2 sets!
On a Quebec 4x4 forum there was discussion of Maxtrax offering a 10 pair group buy at $200 AUD, which today would be $141 USD. There are a ton of color options so I request that Massdrop team take a look into this. I suspect 4x4 community would wreck this massdrop. These are supposed to be the best recovery board on the market but they are cost prohibitive, and the alternatives are not durable enough. The strong US dollar should help drop the price quite a bit, too.
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Hello Maxtrax USA,
My mention of pricing was based on a Quebec 4x4 forum group buy stating $200 AUD for qty 10 group buy direct from Maxtrax. From there I used the AUD>USD conversion to come up with $140 USD. This wasn't intended as a promise or a final price, just an observation.
Could you speak to LukasM about setting this up or let Maxtrax know that we're looking to move forward with this? Would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Also, the way Massdrop works is they do a poll to gauge interest. Then they contact the manufacturer and work out a deal. Right now we're at the first stage.
We don't have a dealer in Canada, so I'm not sure where you're getting that pricing.