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So if anyone can answer this, it would make my day. Do retro styled cameras hold up to amazing quality pictures to lets say a Sony 5100 Alpha? I love retro cameras but if they don't have amazing quality photos then I might just turn away. And before I get blasted for my lack of knowledge, I'll state that I'm new into the photography world so my ignorance is crazy.
Mmmm, give me some optical viewfinder hybrid action in the X-Pro2 all day long. Love the X100T already, it'd be a superb option for anyone dipping their toes in this territory.
Seeing the Leila drop would be r but realistically how many people would buy it. Genuinely curious as far as I remember it's an extremely pricey camera. And I have had my eye on the X100T for a while
I would love a drop with a lower end film camera, instead of the Leica. Massdrop is all digital from what I can see.
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