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vote hyperfuse dammit
1976 please
Starry Night looks gorgeous, does anyone know if it ever made it to production? I found an old blog post from 2016 but no official mention on JK's website.
I am new to custom Mechanical Keyboards, so pardon the question, but are these unique, exotic keycaps available to purchase anywhere? I have searched the net, but nothing comes up. Open to assistance...
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You can expect the nice ones to be upwards of $200
Would be great to see an expanded Penumbra set. Really a beautiful set. Love solarized colors.
If anyone happens to have a 1976 set for a 60% keyboard, they'd be my best friend forever!!
There needs to be a vote for an optimus popularis keyboard
That thing is pretty damn nice with customizations for just about anything and the ability to change the color of the keys from your computer is really nice
Someone needs to make the DSA Granite Keycaps in SA profile.
Will there be options to have ISO compatibility in the resulting drop?
If they ran penumbra they should do 112343. I think it’s the best profile.
Would be great to have some options with a French keyset
If there is an SA troubled minds
Please contract me
Please bring back Modern Selectric !
I would love to see danger zone be rerun in sculpted profile
Man, I would really like Grand Budapest!
If there is an SA 1976 set

Please please please, Ergodox Dvorak kit. Seriously, I'll pay absurd money for that!
dose anyone have/know where i can get the chocolatier set i desperately want it for my 10keyless
try looking on r/mechmarket, i saw a full set from it that was un-used go for around 300