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Now Available!

Thanks to Spesstaco for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Ruby (Zoisite) Stone Polyhedral Dice Set drop available.

LizMassdrop Buyer

Ruby (Zoisite) Stone Polyhedral Dice Set

Ruby (Zoisite) Stone Polyhedral Dice Set

Dwarven Stone Dice: 14mm Amethyst Dice Polyhedral 7-D by Crystal Caste
28 votes
Crystal Caste: Blue Jasper 12mm Dwarven Stones
12 votes
Wiz Dice Tiger Eye 16mm
12 votes
Crystal Caste: Green Aventurine 12mm Dwarven Stones
6 votes
Metallic Dice Games 16mm Amethyst Gemstone
3 votes