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Hey, i just joined Massdrop a month ago. Has this drop already happened a few months back? I'm noticing the voting started at least a year ago, and I'm wondering if this drop will ever happen lol.
Really, as much as I hate apple, I hate a S@#$ stand alone tablet more. I can only recommend the iPad pro enough. I've messed with the companion and the surface and compared to the tracking on the iPad i sold both of em on ebay and hardly even touch anything else anymore. Battery life is better. My only complaint would be that the pen is just a little laggy if your really whipping for a curve. And to give you an idea, I built my pc, own a Note 3 and hate apple, but for f@#$ sake its so good.
Why don't I see an iPad pro?
i Already have the companion 2 the screen quality is damn bad, and it has lag issues not to minsion the battery life that hinders your ability to draw for a decent time . for my fellow buyers don't get it i already returned it and got the 27 QHD its a fucking BEAST but i know no one has that kind of cash so better option is the 22 just calibrait the color and you're good to go.
ps(sorry for any grammar problems English is not my main language)
if i could "thumbs up" this multiple times i would. I can't agree more with this. The tablet is NOT great...not a piece of garbage but NOT up to snuff. If you have even a half decent computer get the cintiq, either the 22 or 27 inch. If you want a tablet pc with touch get a surface pro.
This is for anyone who is interested in the Wacom line of Cintiq displays/tablets. I did not put the 64GB/i3 Companion 2 on because I do not feel as if 64GB and an i3 is good enough for heavy use (add it if you want though). Thanks for voting!