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Now Available!

Thanks to JBal4 for starting this poll! We've contacted the vendor on your behalf and they've made the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones drop available.

WillMassdrop Buyer

Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones

Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones

I recently paired my Sennheiser HD6XX cans with the FiiO Q5 DAC/AMP. The Q5 is a fantastic piece of equipment but perhaps a bit on the pricey side for most. Would love to see this as a drop.
I know it probably is not an option but my suggestion is to try to create a relationship with McIntosh Labs. They have a strong preference for dealer installation of their products but there are a few things that can be purchased on line. I would suggest something with great utility to begin a relationship with them like a receiver.
I would like to see a MD and Philips SHP9500 or Fidelio X1 orX2!
need that sennheiser :) <3
Enko running shoes (with springs)
Ear sonics ear buds...
Like to see running shoes from xero shoes. Xero shoes prio
I would love to see the SHURE SRH1840
Why ask people? People don't know anything. They don't know what they want until you give it to them. Were Sennheiser and Audio-Technica not the expected results?.. It's unfortunate because neither of those companies make anywhere near the best sounding headphones at any price point. Just the most marketed and further popularized - now forget just being marketed on here...
What would you recommend under $250?
BabyRobot + If you call up Sonic Electronix, I'm sure you can easily enough ask for a price reduction of at least $5. The first site is one of the biggest online distributors in South Korea - perfectly safe. I think they're actually owned by eBay. The only catch with these headphones is that the brackets which hold the cups eventually dry up and snap, which will cost you an additional $35 (using a first time purchase coupon) to order 3D-printed replacements which you can easily enough then attach). You can find them here: They're otherwise infinitely comfortable (probably the only pair of headphones I can wear forever, as far as pressure or sweating would be concerned), even if a bit finicky as far as feeling confident about their placement on your head. Total ends up being ~$153 for the headphones + a DAC/headphone amp with digital passthrough, line-out, and bass boost. If you ever come across a pair of headphones for $250 or less which you can plug in directly to any generic sound interface you may have in your devices, please let me know and I will eat all my Sennheiser headphones. PS- For this setup, use the bass boost on the amp.
I'd like to see Audio-GD & Mr. Speakers myself.
Mr Speakers would be back Ether.
Sennheiser HD 6xx Plz!!! That's why I registered this website.
m5x please
Sennheiser hd6xx, sennheiser hd8xx, or audeze lcd series please
only headphone i have used in my life was of 10 $ after that i am using handsfree of 1.5$ .plz giveaway one
Sennheiser HD 6xx
B&O headphones
Sennheiser HD6xx
Surprised Benchmark hasn't shown up here yet.
hd 6xx plz
Sennheiser HD8XX
I'll do a second vote for etymotic. I need a new set of HF's
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Did this count as a vote?
I couldn't find place to vote, so put it here.
Oppo PM 3
I have and love several OPPO products including the PM 1s, I really like the PM 1, have not heard the PM 2s, but I didn't really like the PM 3 because the pads seemed too small and the grip too tight. At home I prefer the open back sound, but I needed a good pair of closed headphones for an overseas flights, and the PM 3s just were too annoying. The sound? I guess it was okay, but if headphones aren't comfortable, to me that's a dealbreaker.
...but they've ALREADY partnered with Sennheiser and AT. Get with the program, people. It's Grado time.
The Bushmill Grados looked so nice.
Sen HD650 Please
next week!
Yup just saw the email from massdrop. But thank you for informing me. Cheers bro.
Hopefully, they can team up with Master & Dynamic and their MH40s. They have gotten great reviews as "fun sounding" headphones that will have your head bee bopping. Not neutral sounding (according to the reviews).
I heard they have cheap plastic quality, is that true? I plan to use them for electronic music and funk, wonder if they are a good choice for this. I have a pair of Audio Technica ath-m50 and I'd like to switch to open case cans.
affordable noise cancelling headphones plsss
I've missed every Fostex TH-X00 round, so I would like that. But Sennheiser/BeyerDynamic seem globally popular so my vote goes for them.