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I'm always looking for performance upgrades for my Dodge Neon R/T 2.0 Magnum sohc n/a
I need some smaller parts for my CVT/Shifter GoKart I plan to supercharge the beast and it needs a full rollcage.
I think detailing supplies and polishers woild be awesome like right about now since the summer is coming!
Rotopax fuel/water containers would be awesome!
Gotta agree 100% with you here. If there was a drop for a few different packages of their fuel/water "Rotopax", I'd jump on it immediately. I live in CO and go camping throughout the year, and extra fuel is crucial when you're way in the boonies.
Some additional body parts would be cool, such as off road accessories? Ex skid plates, brush guards, lights/mounts, storage/ baskets, wench, bull bars etc?
Storage! Please, some storage options would change my life. My 03 wrangler recently became my EDD and I dont have a dedicated spot for necessary things like my sunglasses, or phone.
TE37's when?
Cobb Accessport V3 for MazdaSpeed3. I'd hop on that for sure.
or maybe cycle through cobb accessport for different cars.
Professional grade tools. I'm not talking about Craftsman, Kobalt, Husky, GearWrench, Stanley, or any of the other moderately decent brands. I'm talking about Snap-On and Matco grade tools.
I know this isn't auto parts, but vehicle specific parts are usually the best and it is going to be harder to get enough people who want to buy part X for model years A - G of the Acme Go-Fast. Not saying this is true of all auto parts, but it certainly doesn't help. Thus my suggestion of tools, because if someone is buy car parts they are going to use tools to install them.
I think more 'multi-pack' toolboxes would be great. I saw a 120 and 240 piece sets on here of a brand (can't remember which), and thought it would be great to see a Snap-On set.
I'm 100% with you on this one. I'd love to see a quality torque wrench in 3/8" drive or a 3/8" complete (no skips) socket set from a quality manufacturer. Japanese or German brands of tools would be a big win here, and also leverage the fact that Massdrop has lots of experience doing grey market imports. Stahlwille, Knipex, Facom, Wera (from Germany) Anex, Mitutoyo, Tajima, Hakko, Nepros (Japanese), in particular would be great brands to get tools from. I'd love to see good quality calipers, ratchets, torque wrenches, specialty metric tools, spanners/combos, sockets, hex keys, and screwdrivers put up on Massdrop.
Quality turbos such as Garrett GT28 or GT30 series
Audio, lighting, fluids and other common accessories applicable to many vehicles. Speakers, amps, and lighting especially.
Performance BMW parts, wheels, tires, accessories, etc.
I Thing they should have drops on basic and important tools, scanners,and specialty equipment for older vehicles
Torque wrenches! Also a wideband air/fuel ratio gauge kit would be nice.
Tools mostly things that you see and think "gee that'd be useful when doing x." Doesn't make sense to offer specific parts or kits since vehicle ownership varies too widely,
wet okole or leather replacement seat covers K&N filters lift kits struts car audio
I'd like to see some FiTech EFI throttle bodies. So many old 6/8 cylinder engines need to dump carburetors for EFI.
A replacement case that would change your car key into one where the "key" part folds into the case and lets you transfer over the car alarm guts.
I would love to see jeep wrangler parts.
How about dynamat? It's really great and the difference in sound is night and day. Also it's universal!
I would love to see some polish kits for windows!
Oil catch cans are useful and most are universal.
From engine mods to body kits, wheels, everything. If Massdrop can make it happen, just post them on the auto forums I believe it will go insane.
Car audio stuff like speakers, amp, head units, dsp etc
Cobb stage kit
Over all I would love to see more love to the Auto community, Not this stuff that "falls" under auto (RC STUFF AIN'T AUTO). Even if it was paints, fenders, pipes, ect anything really.
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+1 to welders (TIG) +1 to exhaust tubing +1 to seats Engine Hoists? Harnesses? Tires? Wheels please.
Yea, +1 for Jeep parts. There are some small fab shops putting out some amazing quality: Poison Spyder Rock-Slide Engineeting TeraFlex
I would like to see drops for motorcycle parts for 50cc to 300cc. There are plenty of websites that offer cheap parts for them bigger bikes but almost none in the US that offer parts for anything less than 250cc.
I'd like to add an option for efficiency (MPG) products.
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I've seen a small increase I'm my fuel milage from just a cone filter and heat sheild. Although I could make it even better if I get the ECU remapped. Also having aftermarket intakes just look good.
it's up to you really; having a remapped Ecu surely is the best way, but be careful not to make the car run too lean, otherwhise you'll damage the internals. If you drive a lot, an Lpg conversion will make you save a lot of money on the long run and while you might get 10% worse Mpg on Lpg, it costs 50% less than petrol, it stresses less the engine and it slashes emissions. I have a '96 volvo 850 running on Lpg: it's reliable as hell and having one switch more in the car makes you feel like james bond :)